My Stepmom Is My Private Dancer – Younger Mommy

Younger Mommy Jasmine Daze

My Stepmom Is My Private Dancer stars Younger Mommy Jasmine Daze. She plans a date night with her husband and wants to make it a special occasion. Jasmine’s plans include picking out some sexy lingerie that showcases her curvacious figure and highlights her natural mature boobs. She puts in some earbuds to help set the mood even further, then begins shaking her money maker to the beat.

My Stepmom Is My Private Dancer – Younger Mommy

My Stepmom Is My Private Dancer - S2:E7

Suddenly, she realizes that she has forgotten something in the living room. Jasmine looks out to ensure the coast is clear before leaving her bedroom. Believing she’s alone, she heads out but doesn’t hear her stepson Joshua Lewis when he walks in on her. Instead of making his presence known, he decides to perv on his hot stepmom while watching his younger stepmom’s stripping moves.

As she turns around, Jasmine discovers Joshua standing there, grabbing his junk as he watches her. She is shocked to see her stepson there as he is supposed to be at practice. However, he forgot his soccer shoes. Joshua then takes the opportunity to compliment his beautiful blonde mom on her seductive dance technique. Then he asks her to teach him. At first, she’s reluctant, but Jasmine eventually agrees to Joshua’s desire to learn a new skill.

Jasmine shows off some of her best dance moves. Then watches as Joshua tries his best to copy them without success. He then asks her to show him how to slow dance. This sly move lets him feel his big tits mom up and squeeze her beautiful butt. Even though she knows it is taboo, Jasmine can’t help but get wet between her milf stockings.

Next, she lets Joshua get better acquainted by kissing him. Instead of backing away as any respectful, mature mom should, she lets Joshua take things into his own hands, tongue, and cock! He gets on his knees and eats his milf step mom out, then spreads her legs wide so he can slide balls deep into her dripping wet milf pussy.

Younger Mommy Jasmine Daze

Jasmine then takes a dick spin as rides Joshua in reverse cowgirl, then climbs down and sucks her girly cum from the listening shaft, preparatory to giving him a busty mom titty fuck. Getting on her knees, Jasmine moans in orgasmic bliss as Joshua gives her a milf hardcore fucking from behind. It doesn’t take him long before blowing his hot load all over his big tits mom. While Joshua may have missed soccer practice, My Stepmom Is My Private Dancer helped him score big time with a hot milf fucking!

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