My Naughty Workplace Adventure


After Sandy’s “blue balling” me, I didn’t take long to go home and crank up the old laptop, so I could enjoy some premium MILF porn! I guess I have always fantasized about older women. Even so, I never actually had the opportunity to follow through on a personal level. To make matters worse, I sure as hell couldn’t tell anyone about what just happened at the office.


I logged into some bookmarked sites and searched for my favorite MILF porn models.  I don’t know what it is, but I can’t get enough of Brandi Love, Jodi WestCherie DeVille, and India Summer.  As soon as I started to stroke my cock, Sandy’s assistant called my cell.  Fuck, can’t a guy even cum today?! Sandy’s assistant apologized for calling after hours but said I needed to arrive at work an hour earlier than usual in the morning.  Just great, now I’ve got that to look forward to all night.

I couldn’t sleep and surfed porn most of the night, eventually ending up on a unique live cam site. I bought a few minutes and then added some “Private Show” time with a MILF that was nearly as hot as Sandy. After shooting my load and a few “well worth its dollars,” I did manage a few hours of much-needed sleep. As requested, the cell alarm woke me an hour earlier, and I hopped in the shower. Even though I was tempted to jerk off again, I knew I hadn’t been better time-wise. I quickly dressed and sped off in my car, extremely curious why I had arrived at work so early. On the plus side, the earlier commute was a breeze!

When I arrived at the office, Sandy’s assistant gave me the “slow clap,” congratulating me for my promptness. I headed to Sandy’s office but was redirected to the conference room. When I arrive, my jaw nearly hit the floor. . . there had to be at least a dozen of the hottest fucking MILFS I had ever seen! Sandy called the room to order and then began the monthly meeting of the Professional Women’s Association. She instructed me to take notes, and I think the entire room “got off” on role reversal taking place. I was in awe of the power Sandy had over the room. . . and, in fact, over me.

As Sandy started her presentation, I couldn’t help but notice I was the only male in the room. It was somewhat odd, but I did what I was told and proceeded to scribe the minutes. The room was set up in a U-shape fashion, but after the first break, the tables were reconfigured for “break out” sessions. After a brief recess and the obligatory small talk with people I didn’t know. Sandy was scheduled for an overseas conference call, so she had the organization’s vice president lead during her absence.

Based on her body language and professional reputation, I knew Donna was very competitive with Sandy. Donna asked if I would sit next to her and give each table their “think tank” project notes. I offered any assistance, and Donna nodded in appreciation. Our table was tasked with finding the location of the annual charity ball. The other three women all had their favorite locations and spoke about the benefit and drawbacks of each. Donna leaned over to ensure I was taking copious notes and took the opportunity to grab my knee under the table. Holy Fuck, I must be dreaming again!

Donna called for a recess of 10 minutes and slipped me a note before the break… it read, “Go to the restroom and remove your underwear. I will do the same!” Who was I to argue? I slipped into the restroom and removed my boxers. I returned to the conference room, ready for the meeting to reconvene. Donna asked that our table return to work as I felt her hand upon my crotch. My cock started to swell, and I knew this would probably be another cock tease session or test. Were Sandy and Donna in this together, or were this Donna’s competitive juices (literally) starting to flow?

She then dropped her pen and asked if I would retrieve it for her. It landed just far enough under the table that once underneath, I could see that she had indeed removed her panties. . . she proudly flashed her “landing strip” pussy to me. I stared just long enough not to be obvious and returned to my seat. I felt Donna’s hand on my cock again. However, she couldn’t dwell there too long as we had work to do. Let’s say that she took every possible opportunity before the meeting was over at noon to “cop a feel!”

Sandy had returned in time to dismiss the group and thank everyone for their hard work. . . If she only knew how hard my cock was during this meeting! She then asked Donna if I was an able assistant, which was still on my 90-day probation period. Donna smiled and said that I had potential but needed coaching along the way. The group said their goodbyes and would send me additional charity ball suggestions once everyone had time to interview possible venues.

I shook Donna’s hand and went back to my temporary cubicle. It was about 4:30 pm when I received a courier package… inside were Donna’s panties with a note reading, “I couldn’t wait to get out of the parking deck. I had to masturbate before I left while your young cock was still on my mind. I finger fucked myself good, pretending it was your hard dick inside me and enjoyed a nice cum before I left. Thanks for taking such good notes today!”

A little after 5:00 pm, my inbox was hit with several E-mail attachments. The first E-mail passed the antivirus check, and when downloaded, all I could see were two fingers buried deep in a beautiful pussy… not just any pussy, for sure! I knew that MILF pussy anywhere and just hoped that the IT department wouldn’t catch this before I forwarded them all to my personal email. There is something about MILF masturbation that gets me off every time. Who knows, I might fuck Donna before Sandy lets me again!


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