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I had always wanted to know what MILF Porn anal sex felt like. I mean, with a really hard cock pounding my virgin anal cavity for all it was worth. I will admit to using a dildo in my ass a time or three while masturbating. However, that’s entirely controlled and different. I’m talking about giving my ass to a well-hung man who takes control and pounds me like a slut from behind. Whoever the lucky fucker is better to know what he is doing and pull my hair while calling me all kinds of dirty names. I wanted a real man!

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Well, it didn’t take long to find a willing subject once I decided to give up my anal sex cherry. I bought one of those new wiz band 4K Ultra HDTVs and had to have one of those “nerd” companies come and install the mounting hardware and the unit in my master bedroom. I set the “four-hour window” appointment for the next day and couldn’t wait to watch porn or surf my favorite MILF Porn site on the latest technology. Just the thought of ramming a dildo in and out of my wet fucking pussy while I’m scoping out the hottest MILF Porn turns me on so badly!

The phone rang the following day around 10:30 am, informing me my delivery technician would be there between 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm. I had been working in my garden and wanted to take a nice long bath before slipping into a very seductive mature porn “fuck me” outfit. Hey, stranger, things have happened! I slid into my bath and shaved every part of me that needed shaving. When I finished, I couldn’t help fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit for a fast orgasm. After a nice self-imposed cum, I exited the bath and toweled off clean as a whistle.

I then slipped into something slutty and waited for my technician to arrive. It was 5:30 pm, and I was growing anxious to install my TV and feared a “no show.” It was almost 6:00 pm when the phone rang. My installer was frantic that he would be almost an hour late. he then informed me he would lose his job if I reported his tardiness to the “big box store” he worked for. I told him to calm down, and I would wait for him. I figured I might as well open a bottle of wine while I waited and was on my third glass when (according to his name tag) Jason arrived. Believe me. He was worth the wait. What a stud!

I held the door open while Jason barely managed to get my new TV inside the house. I grabbed my glass of wine and told him to follow me to my bedroom so he could begin his work. I could already feel my pussy start to lube up just looking at this college-age hunk of a man. Jason asked where I wanted the TV hung, and I took the opportunity to lay on my bed to ensure proper placement. I kicked off my high heels and hopped into bed while instructing Jason, “higher, lower, left, right.” I allowed my sundress to creep up to show plenty of legs, and I could tell Jason was enjoying the show. Ma’am, thank you for being so understanding and not calling my boss. I am newly married with a young child and cannot afford to lose this job while finishing college. That’s OK, Jason, do a good job, and I will even give you a tip you’ve never received before.

I finished my third glass of wine when Jason finished his installation. He was playing with the remote auto-programming my new TV when I turned over and exposed my naked ass to him. Ma’am, he stammered as he dropped the remote. I’m married and really can’t finish my job with you half-naked like that. “Jason, if you want to keep your job, well, then you better come over here and get your sex tip. “Lick my ass,” I ordered! I then spread my ass cheeks, exposing my virgin ass bud. “I’m married and have never cheated on my wife,” he gasped. “It’s OK, I don’t plan on fucking you the traditional way, so it’s really not cheating. We wouldn’t want corporate to learn about your habitual tardiness now, would we?”

“No, ma’am,” was all Jason could muster before plunging his tongue deep into my ass. He licked it all around, and I could feel my pussy in full drip mode now. I took this opportunity to reach underneath to play with my clit and finger myself with my TV tech to get my ass good and ready. I had two fingers shoved deep inside me and had a mini-cum before telling Jason to remove his pants. “What?” “I thought you said I didn’t have to cheat on my wife?” “Don’t worry, honey. You won’t be fucking my pussy. You are going to fuck my ass!” I then took my two fingers from my pussy and worked them both into my tight little ass while instructing Jason to get behind me. I reached back and placed the head of his fully erect cock next to the entrance of my virgin ass.

“Now, don’t move. I will work that fat cock in my ass and do all of the work until I tell you otherwise. That way, you aren’t cheating on your wife.” I pushed back on Jason’s thick cock and loved how it filled my newly fucked shit canal. I got Jason’s cock in until it started hurting a little and then told him that he needed to help by slowly starting to pump in and out. “But, Ma’am!” “Shut the fuck up about your wife and fuck my ass, I demanded!” With that, Jason started rocking back and forth. Even though he was married, I could tell that Jason was relatively new in the fucking department. “Faster and deeper,” I pleaded as my asshole started to ease up on the cock ramming it was now taking. Jason then picked up the pace slightly before squealing as he unloaded his hot semen deep into my bowel. “You fucker, I scolded! Is that all I get?!”

Ma’am, your ass is so fucking tight, and I couldn’t hold it any longer. Plus, I needed to get back home before my boss or wife began to wonder where I was at. Jason’s cock slid out of my ass, and although I was still pissed from not cumming, I did help him clean off his cock with my mouth before kicking his ass out of my bedroom. Jason put his pants back on quickly and finalized his paperwork for my signature. I knew he was nervous and beside himself, so I decided to fuck with him for cumming so fast. I then took out my cell phone and acted like I was calling his work to report him for being so late. Jason then made every “hang the phone up” gesture he could think of. With that, I told him I would be calling his boss in the morning to buy some more equipment and that he better fucking perform better on his next MILF Porn “custom installation!”

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