Lets Breed Our Swap Daughter – Family Swap

Harley King, Jessica Starling Family Swap

In this Lets Breed Our Swap Daughter episode of Family Swap, Harley King walks in on her swap mom Jessica Starling as she’s getting dressed. The blonde MILF assures Harley that she would never let her swap son, Tyler Cruise, see her naked. Then Harley compliments Jessica’s great boobs. Big tits mom Jessica comments they get a lot of attention and asks if Harley wants to touch and feel her up. This leads to Harley confessing that she wants tits like hers. However, she realizes she’ll never get them without getting pregnant.

Family Swap – Lets Breed Our Swap Daughter

Lets Breed Our Swap Daughter - S7:E3

Jessica casually mentions she might get one of the Swap family boys to share some sperm with Harley. Once naturally busty mom Jessica has gotten dressed, the girls go downstairs. Tyler and his swap dad Clark Kent are hanging out, ready for a swap family meeting.

Jessica wastes no time telling the boys that Harley will have a baby and is going to need their help. The guys congratulate Harley, but Jessica corrects them that she’s not pregnant. Yet! THE BLoND MILF clarifies that the guys are going to put the baby in Harley. Clark is on board right away.

However, Tyler requires the incentive of sucking Jessica’s big mature boobs before he agrees to impregnate his sister. Jessica plans to keep Junior busy sucking her big tits while Harley gets started, undressing as Clark cops a feel of his own.

The swap daughter is the first to get a taste of dick as she goes to work, deep-throating her swap dad’s meaty manhood. Jessica isn’t far behind as she showcases her milf blowjob skills on Tyler. Then Harley climbs onto Clark’s lap cowgirl style and swallows his cock balls deep with ease.

Her young pussy and hot ass clap his balls with each stroke. Jessica wants some milf group sex and lays down so Tyler can care for her greedy needs as she rubs her clit. After a double orgasm, the girls swap partners so that Jessica can ride Clark in reverse cowgirl while Harley gets on her knees to take Tyler from behind.

The girls shudder as they cum on their respective cock. As they swap sex partners again, the beautiful blonde mom has something even more taboo in mind. Jessica commands them both to cum inside Harley and to impregnate her.

Harley King, Jessica Starling Family Swap

Tyler asks for reassurance as he gives it to his swap sister hard, preparing her baby maker for the first batch of semen. As her eyes roll back, Aheago, the swap brother, blows his baby batter deep inside. While she struggles to keep jizz from oozing out, it’s time for another insemination. Clark fucks Harley until he releases his seed into her cum-filled pussy, too. Filled with a double creampie, Harley repositions her legs on the couch to keep all the sperm inside. As the swap family peers into Harley’s pussy, they get their first glimpse of the new baby they will welcome in nine months!

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