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Angela White, Shyla Jennings Girlsway

Avid sports fan Angela White is engrossed in the final football game of the season. Her petite wife, Shyla Jennings, tries to get her attention. After all, it’s their anniversary, and she wants Angela to take her out for dinner or somewhere nice, but the big-breasted beauty doesn’t budge. Shyla is horny as hell and doesn’t appreciate being ignored. She knew Angela loved football. However, Shyla never dreamed she was this sports-crazed. She doesn’t want to become a Lesbian Sports Widow!

Girlsway – Lesbian Sports Widow

Girlsway: Lesbian Sports Widow

No matter what Shyla says to try to entice her wife into lesbian sex, she continues to ignore her advances. The lesbian sports widow then suggests going on vacation for their anniversary. Shyla’s use of her womanly charms doesn’t help. Angela still won’t take her eyes off the fucking football game.

She even goes as far as to say that she can’t go on a trip as basketball season soon starts. Angela then casually throws it out that she knew she was into sports when they married. Horny and persistent, Shyla ups her own game by climbing into Angela’s lap, tenderly groping her natural tits, and tracing her neck with tender girl-girl kisses.

However, when even that doesn’t work, Shyla resorts to stripping down seductively. Somehow, Angela’s attention is still focused on football, not the beautiful lesbian wife right before her. Shyla even stuffs her sexy pink panties in her mouth, then masturbates for attention.

Angela asks for an hour before anniversary sex, but Shyla wants to fuck now! Shyla pulls Angela’s jeans down and goes to work pleasuring her shaved milf pussy with her talented tongue. Angela’s resolve to watch the #BigGame doesn’t waver. Determined to get a rise from her lesbian wife, Shyla doubles down, sucking Angela’s engorged clit.

Brunette milf Angela’s concentration is finally broken, promising 100% attention during the next commercial break. Her spousal attention is quickly rewarded with a mind-blowing orgasm. Shyla then shares the taste of a sweet girl-cum kiss on Angela’s lips.

Now it’s her turn for oral as Angela pulls on the folds of her pussy before darting her tongue deep inside her wet hole. After a quick cum, Tribbing is the next pussy play. Angela and Shyla forcefully grind themselves to their second climax before halftime.

Shyla Jennings, Angela White Girlsway

From there, the second-half milf lesbians playbook consists of multiple sexual positions, complete with rimming and deep fingering. The final drive of frantically rubbed clits, ensures their orgasmic sexual victory. Sweaty and sexually spent, it’s time for a deep French kissing and armpit licking cool down before hitting the showers. Shyla’s sapphic performance is truly worthy of the MVP award. No, not Most Valuable Player. Most Valuable Pussy, that is. She will never have to worry about becoming a lesbian sports widow ever again!

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