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Mom adult videos were all that geeky Alex needed to live through his otherwise dull days. He wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that his stepmom Anissa was the sexiest woman he’d ever met, with the most beautiful pair of natural tits and big ass, and she did know how to put that body to good use. Although his dad had walked out on his marriage with Anissa two weeks ago, Alex didn’t see a need to step out of her life. The sexy brunette MILF had been kind to him in all three years she’d been his father’s wife, and he could never forget all of that, so he’d decided to spend his weekends with her. He knew, though, that his decision hinged on more than just gratitude.

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He’d always known his stepmom had a craving for sex that far exceeded the desire of the average mom. Countless times, he’d heard her moaning and crying out as his father pounded her with his cock. And now, without a partner to care for her sexual needs, she’d turned to free porn videos for her sexual release. Each day, she would watch hardcore MILF Porn videos featuring Anissa Kate, Alura Jenson, and the thirty-year-old Billie Star as they sucked and fucked young cocks. And each time she feasted her eyes on them, she would tease herself with toys and her fingers, never stopping until she came hard.

Alex had set up hidden cameras around their house to catch her in the act. So whenever he came visiting for the weekends, he entertained himself with free porn videos of his horny stepmom masturbating to high definition top MILF porn movies of her favorite porn stars. It was clear to see why she’d “favorited” the three mature MILFS. They were just as attractive and talented as she, with amazing big tits that sagged beautiful on their chests, and huge asses to go with their thick bodies.

It was a Friday evening, and Alex had just shown up at his step mom’s large house. He had arrived a tad earlier than usual. Although his stomach rumbled with a need to be refilled, his hunger for his stepmom’s delicious body was the most pressing need. He headed for her bedroom, the sounds of her soft moans filling his ears as he drew nearer.


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The door was agape. She didn’t think he would arrive so early. It was barely even midday, but there he was, watching her please her MILF pussy. She lay on her bed, her legs spread out to give access to a Hitachi wand. The mechanic buzzing of the toy molded into her whimpers, creating a beautiful love melody that caused Alex’s cock to spring to life.

Watching her squirm and quiver and she worked her clit with the wand, all Alex could think of was ripping his clothes off and joining the big tits MILF right there in the same bed she had fucked his father’s huge cock. Alex grabbed his now hardened cock, stroking it through the fabric of his black pants. He wondered if the hot mom was crazy for young cocks, Just the same way her favorite porn stars were.

Alex grunted, his fingers sliding down to grasp his balls. He unzipped his fly, letting his cock spring out of his pants. Perhaps it was the sound of his zipper unfastening, or his sigh of satisfaction, but something alerted Anissa of his presence, bringing her attention to him.

“What the Fuck, Alex?” she yelled, turning off the Hitachi wand and pulling up the sheets to cover her nudity.

If only she knew that there was no point hiding her body. Alex had watched her countless times to remember his away around her body with his eyes closed.

“How long have you been here?” she asked.

He shrugged, a coy smile playing around his lips.

“Do you realize what will happen if I report you to your father?” Anissa asked.

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Alex clicked his tongue. “No. But I do realize what will happen if I tell the whole world you’re a newly separated housewife using porn and masturbation as a means of escape. Just so you know, I planted sneaky little cameras around the house, so I have a large collection of everything. Everything. Stepmom caught in the act sounds like a perfect title.”

Cock in hand, he advanced toward her, watching a cloud of astonishment spread over her face.

“You wouldn’t,” she said.

“Think of this, mom,” Alex said. “What will happen if I send this amateur solo sex collection to my father, or better still, to my favorite porn website; Top Rated MILFS?”

She shook her head. “You wouldn’t do that to me, Alex. Please…”

Tingles raced down Alex’s lean body. There was something about the way she’d begged him–a tremor in her voice as though she were a slave asking her master for mercy.

Alex drew closer to where she lay. He was dying to see her naked body once again, close enough to touch. He’d extracted some high-quality photos out of the videos he had of her, and stored them in a gallery he had been updating every weekend for the past three weeks. Each time he stared at the photos, he would zoom in on them and zero in on her pussy. Now though, he would have everything in plain sight. Eager to enjoy the sight of her unclad body once again, he slowly peeled off the covers, baring her nudity.

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“It’s all up to you,” he said, his eyes devouring her.

She straightened her spine, and like a little sex kitten, she crawled toward him with her mouth parting to take in his cock.

“Not so fast,” he said. “First finish your masturbatory show, and then you can have the cock.”

He held up a finger. “One more thing, Mom XXX. You can only have the cock if you fuck yourself good enough to make me cum.”

Anissa lay back down and spread her pussy lips apart with her fingers. Her pussy glistened as though it had been lubed, but Alex was sure it was all her arousal. The woman was a natural when it came to getting wet and making herself fuckable. It was one of the things he loved about her. It made him wonder why his father had walked out of his marriage to her. Then again, that was the old man’s loss.

Anissa moved her fingers up and down, her pace unhurried as she coated them with her sleek juices. Although she had barely even begun, Alex knew she would soon have him cumming hard. Watching her videos always had him grabbing the nearest cum rag. Now that he stood so close to her, watching Mom XXX fuck herself, he knew it was only a few minutes before he came harder than he ever had in his young life.

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