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I couldn’t get my mind off Donna or her hot fuckin’ text messages and photos. I had been dating a hot young college chick but could feel a change of pace, longing for MILFS and downloading MILF porn from now on. There was something scorching about their confidence and willingness to do things that most guys have to beg from younger chicks. Plus, who wants to put up with all the bullshit drama younger chicks always seem to be involved with? I’m thinking, NOT ME any longer!

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In any event, I had a date that evening with a college chick that was a pretty good fuck but lacked in the blowjobs department. It seems as though these horny young things can’t wait to get a dick inside them! Not complaining, but who doesn’t like some proper head? Anyway, I picked up my date and headed out for dinner and drinks before a night (at least I hoped) of mindless fucking.

On my date, Sylvie asked how things were going at my new job. I almost wrecked my car thinking about my crazy first week and all the MILF pussy that was on my mind. I mentioned that I was still learning the ropes and that everyone seemed to like me. We arrived at the bar, and Sylvie asked me to order her a drink while she went to the bathroom. No big deal, I thought, until I made my way to the bar.

Standing behind the bar was one of the most amazing-looking women I had ever seen. Andrea was probably in her late forties with a bangin’ body and smile. We had chemistry (at least I thought so) and immediately started playful banter. I wondered what the fuck was taking Sylvie so long. Andrea thought I was joking about being there with a date and asked for my number just in case I couldn’t find anyone better that night.

She joked I was too cute not to at least salvage a blowjob out of the evening. I quickly gave her my number discreetly as I could. I was on my second beer when Sylvie finally arrived from her extended bathroom break. Glad I’m not a chick having to wait in those ridiculous lines!

Almost immediately, Andrea began hitting on Sylvie. What the fuck, I thought to myself. She was all into me, and now this? Maybe I don’t understand hardcore mature women of interest, either! The women conversed about “chick stuff,” and I must confess, I felt a little left out. Andrea could sense my frustration and ask, “What’s the matter, afraid of losing your date to another woman?” Wow, that was all I could say! Sylvie smiled and playfully laughed at my expense.

Andrea then excused herself for a short smoke break and said she would return in 10-15 minutes if we kept drinking. Sylvie and I thought about leaving, but what the hell? This was a fun place. I took a swig of my newly poured beer when I received a text of some of the most perfect “self-shot” tits I had ever seen. Sylvie asked who it was, and I told her it was apparently the wrong number. Next, my phone alerted me to another incoming photo.

This time it was a photo of a spread pussy with hot juicy pink inside! Holy fuck, what a day and now night! Sylvie couldn’t hold her drinks any longer and had to return for another bathroom break. When she left, I received another message asking if I thought my girlfriend would like to lick this HOT MILF pussy later that night.

I gulped down my beer and ordered another from the male bartender. I was halfway finished before Sylvie returned and Andrea from her “smoke break.” My mind was racing with my MILF luck this week. Andrea didn’t mention a word about her text messages, and I acted like I didn’t receive them. I thought, why not fuck with her a little?

Sylvie returned, slightly pissed, and said the line was very long as supposedly someone was masturbating in the stall, holding everyone up. “What the fuck,” she said! I’m horny too, and you don’t see me “jilling off” in the bathroom. Again, I acted like I knew nothing and could tell it was really fucking with Andrea. “You’re Horny?” Andrea replied, “Well, try not being laid since your divorce.” “Oh, I’m sorry,” Sylvie said. “That’s OK, hun. I’ve still got my fingers and sex toys!”

I could sense my cock swelling with thoughts of an “older/younger” type threesome… Bookmark us now and stay tuned for the next Top Rated MILFs, MILF Porn blog update!

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