Your Stepmom Is Hot For Me – Mom Wants Creampie

Sydney Paige Mom Wants Creampie

For Mother’s Day, best friends Jayden Marcos and Parker Ambrose clean the house for Jayden’s hot stepmom, Sydney Paige. She finds them in action, only to experience an inappropriate and taboo thought. Later, Sydney is bent on milf seduction, wearing just a sexy bra and revealing thong.

Mom Wants Creampie Your Stepmom Is Hot For Me

Your Stepmom Is Hot For Me - S4:E6

She comes to the bedroom and overhears them, arguing about which one of them has the best chance of getting in her pants! Parker tells Jayden, Your Stepmom Is Hot For Me! Clearing her throat seductively, Sydney surprises Jayden and Parker by informing them that she needs a milf creampie.

Moreover, she doesn’t care which young man gives it to her. Once Sydney proves she’s serious by sitting between them and sharing Lessons In Pussy, they fall over themselves to please the beautiful blonde mom.

Soon Sydney has Parker’s big dick in between her lips, with Jayden lapping her engorged clit. Moving to her knees, Sydney licks her mature pussy juices from Jayden’s hard-on while Parker plunges deep into her greedy snatch.

Impaling Jayden in reverse cowgirl, Sydney continues demonstrating her milf blowjob skills to Parker. She turns around for a cowgirl ride, nearly making Jayden lose his nut prematurely. Then Sydney rolls to her side so Jayden can pound balls deep until he releases his salty seed, giving her the milf creampie she craves.

Sydney Paige Mom Wants Creampie

Not to be outdone or outcummed (is that even a word), Parker delivered a Mother’s Day milf facial. For those not familiar with blonde babe Sydney Paige and her busty body, it’s time to change that! If you enjoyed her in Your Stepmom Is Hot For Me, check her out in You Won’t Break Me Stepson, at Moms Tight!

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