Top Rated MILFs 2018 Hall of Fame

Top Rated MILF Hall of Fame 2018

The Top Rated MILFS, 2018 Hall of Fame team is pleased to announce our fourth consecutive selection. Much like fine wine, the inductees keep getting better with age. This year’s selections are all household names in the adult business shaping the MILF Porn landscape for a decade or more. It seems like only yesterday we witnessed the first DVD releases and dial-up connection websites from many of the pornstars that follow. These sites were the seeds that were planted. The sprouts then saw the cultivation and explosive growth of the MILF genre. At this time, we would like to recognize and pay tribute to those actresses that pioneered a niche and have exhibited true staying power in the adult industry.

Top Rated MILFs 2018 Hall of Fame

Cherie DeVille

Top Rated MILFS Hall of Fame

Cherie DeVille originally hails from the Tarheel state of North Carolina but grew up farther north on the coast in Washington, DC, and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. In researching her background, Cherie had what appears to be a fairly typical upbringing, including athletics, band, and cheerleading. All we can say about that is we’ve been cheering on Cherie since we first set eyes upon this seductive beauty. With blonde hair, blue eyes, and perfectly proportioned enhanced breasts, Cherie DeVille is perfect for everything porn. We try not to play favorites, but Cherie will always have a special place in the Top Rated MILFS teams… ahem, heart. What can we say? Sometimes, even the horniest porn lovers can be hopeless romantics!

Fast forward to Cherie’s adult business entry after a stint in the healthcare industry. Thankfully for her legions of fans, she chose a much different career path in 2011. Shortly thereafter, in 2012, Cherie began performing explicit hardcore movies while in her mid-thirties. It didn’t take Cherie long to rise to the upper echelon of MILF Porn performers. Cherie possesses legitimate mainstream acting skills, but her real talents shine when the sexual scenario begins. She specializes in all things MILF and doesn’t shy away from anal sex or kink. In our professional opinion, Cherie is at the top of her game, shooting lesbian content for award-winning studios such as Filly Films and Girlsway. Her career continues to flourish, and she shows no signs of slowing down. We applaud the beautiful and talented Cherie Deville as our first entry into the Top Rated MILFs 2018 Hall of Fame Class!

Ariella Ferrera

MILF Ariella Ferrera getting fucked

Ariella Ferrera is a filthy slutty Porn queen. She is tall, but her curves make her look like a small firecracker. Much like fellow Top Rated MILFS Hall of Fame™ inductee Kendra Lust, Ariella worked in the healthcare industry before entering the skin business. At the beginning of her career, Ariella Ferrera stated in a 2009 interview that she would stop making porn if she ever stopped having fun. Well, the Top Rated MILFS™ team are no mathematicians, but by our calculations, Ariella is still having a damn good time! This Columbian beauty has spunk and great big huge boobs with big brown nipples the size of small pancakes that stare back at you as you watch her take it up the ass with genuine pleasure. During her nearly decade of work, Ariella has been one of the more prominent MILFS in front of a camera.

Ariella truly excels at all things porn and has the acting chops to pull off her roles convincingly. She plays the naughty MILF and is an expert at seducing fresh young blood – both male, female, and sometimes shemale. The way she takes in big giant cocks up her ass is indeed something to behold. One would be hard-pressed to find a MILF that can take facials as gracefully as she can! Ariella likes cumshots on her massive fake titties too! Before we write off Ariella’s portfolio of work as mainly heterosexual, we must admit some of her finest masturbatory moments are between the legs of another spicy Señorita and Señora! The Top Rated MILFS team likes their woman hot, and Ariella Ferrera is on fire sexually. We thank her for lasting on-screen mammaries with induction into the Top Rated MILFS 2018 Hall of Fame!


Top Rated MILFS Hall of Fame 2018

Legend has it; everything is bigger in Texas. Well, if the individual behind this saying is talking about Deauxma’s massive fucking rack, then we concur! Her store-bought boobs are some of the adult business’s best and most talked about. Deauxma is among the more seasoned MILFS to grace the porn screen. She’s a big-boobed, leggy mama with rich brown hair and thirsty hazel eyes. Lusty doesn’t even begin to describe her. Despite her lengthy career in porn, this MILF has been married to the same lucky man for thirty-plus years. The two have enjoyed a hedonistic lifestyle that took them all around the world and brought Deauxma to the Porn screen.

As a mature vixen, Deauxma exhibits confidence and fearlessness with both men and women. It’s hard to say whether she is more MILF than Cougar. Those fortunate enough to be lovers better pick an orifice and know how to pleasure it properly. Men, don’t forget anal and doggy style! One thing’s for sure. She plays the strict parent, the disciplining teacher, and the bitchy boss to perfection. While we know what is going to happen with Deauxma, we can’t wait to see what – or who – cums next. Deauxma’s dynasty-like contribution to the world of lesbian filmmaking will live on forever via the Road Queen series from Girlfriends Films. Her performance in each of these releases makes it easy to understand why Deauxma is a deserving member of the Top Rated MILFS 2018 Hall of Fame Class!

Magdalene St. Michaels

Magdalene St. Michaels MILF Lesbian Sex

Sixty years old and still bringing it! Magdalene St. Michaels has withstood the test of time. Magdalene was born in Malta, a picturesque archipelago located in the central Mediterranean Sea. However, she was raised in England, which might explain her “prim, proper, and sophisticated” demeanor. Magdalene is a mature vixen who might be fibbing in her bio about her age. Is she really in her sixties? Magdalene is so hot and fuckable. Her age will be the last thing that crosses your mind when you lay eyes on her. Magdalene St. Michaels is a classic porn actress that started out in mainstream films. Lucky for us Girlfriends Films scouted Magdalene’s hardcore lesbian potential, and the rest is sapphic history. Since her Girlfriends Films debut performance in 2007, Magdalene has become a mainstay of their studio, having starred in over thirty titles.

Magdalene’s work on the Field of Schemes series is impressive, but she will forever be known as one of the driving forces behind Mother-Daughter Exchange Club. Besides Girlfriends Films, Magdalene has performed for Mile High Media, Jodi West’s Forbidden Fruits Films, and tossed some serious salad during her boy/girl scenes at Lethal Hardcore! While her ratio of cock to pussy film work might seem one-sided, we don’t hold that against her one bit. She’s definitely not afraid of a dick or receiving a messy facial when the script requires it! They say there is something for everyone, and this very tall, powerfully built Cougar/MILF definitely has something for you. She puts the mmm in stepmom/MILF. In fact, Magdalene portrays the motherly type as no one else can. For this reason and many more, we induct Magdalene St. Michaels to the Top Rated MILFS Hall of Fame Class of 2018!

Curvy Claire

Curvy Claire TAC Amateur MILF double blowjob

Curvy Claire is a big ol’ horny British BBW who lives a conventional life by day but works as an escort at night and does porn on the side. Claire has fiery red hair and great big boobs. She has no shortage of fuckable rolls. While her ass is also huge, her tits are more prominent. At a little over 5’3,” she might be as wide as she is tall, and we love her for it! We came across (no pun intended) Curvy Claire for the first time as members of the TAC Amateurs website. TAC Amateurs showcases over three hundred amateur and semi-pro porn stars’ websites. Choose from 10K+ downloadable videos and over 2MM mature MILF Pics, not to mention the site has been updated daily for seventeen years! Holy Shit that is a lot of masturbatory material!

If that still doesn’t impress you, how about the fact that Curvy Claire boasts their number one website? Her members can’t seem to get enough of her, and most never let their membership expire. That’s just how amazing Curvy Claire’s domain is. How many websites give their valued members a real contact telephone number? Perhaps, we;e saved the best for last before we mention Claire is also a pretty famous escort in the UK. It is not uncommon for her throng of fans-turned-clients to fly in from all parts so the world for a romp in the hay with this voluptuous vixen! Curvy Claire is down for anything and is your newest member of the Top Rated MILFS Hall of Fame Class of 2018!

Top Rated MILFs 2018 Hall of Fame Recap

Cherie DeVille, Ariella Ferrera, Deauxma, Magdalene St. Michaels, and Curvy Claire. What a deserving class if we have ever seen one! These mature women have proven they have what it takes and, more importantly, what people want from the adult film business. Without question, the MILF Porn genre is here to stay. In fact, this segment of the adult business shows no signs of slowing down at all. Previously many actresses had to give up their careers once they hit a certain age or look. What was once a detriment is now an opportunity for career longevity. Age is truly just a number. The Top Rated MILFS Hall of Fame™ can’t wait for the next wave of MILFS to make the transition.

*This article was initially scheduled for publication on January 1, 2018

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