Top Rated MILFS Hall of Fame™ 2016

Top Rated MILFS Hall of Fame

Top Rated MILFS™ Hall of Fame is pleased to announce our second ever class selections. As with our previous class, selection for entry was extremely competitive. The criteria are and will remain a minimum three-fold; The actress must be thirty years of age while embracing the mature woman role. Secondly, the actress must have exhibited on-screen nudity at some point during their career. Third, staff gave preference to those actresses who perform(ed) regularly and contributed to the development of the hardcore MILF Porn genre. Please join the Top Rated MILFS team as we pay tribute to those actresses that have helped define the MILF genre by displaying longevity and professionalism made a permanent contribution to the adult industry.

Top Rated MILFS Hall of Fame™

Class of 2016

India Summer

Top Rated MILFS Hall of Fame 2016

If there was one word to describe India Summer, the Top Rated MILFS team would pick exotic. Her sultry appearance and eyes that mesmerize can never be replicated make it difficult to believe she is a Midwestern girl at heart. India first began performing in explicit hardcore movies in December 2005 and decided to commit herself full time to X-rated features in September 2006. The multi-talented Summer proved she can perform behind the camera as well, directing her first porn film in 2011. She is a fitness fanatic who says performing before the camera comes very natural to her. No wonder she is beloved by viewer and critic alike. India Summer is one of the few “crossover” in the porn world garnering respect in both mainstream and adult business.

India has been busy racking up numerous MILF of the Year awards at any given ceremony year after year. This chocolate-tressed queen of bondage and lesbian scenes has no shortage of rave reviews as a hot, older fuck goddess. This self-described “swinger” is bisexual and has been engaged to the lesbian actress Prinzzess since 2011. With an ever-increasing library of work, India will go down as one of the most prolific female performers ever in the adult business. We thank the beautiful India Summer for her impressive on-screen contributions and multi-niche portfolio with induction into the Top Rated MILFS Hall of Fame™ Class of 2016!

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Zoey Holloway

Zoey Holloway Getting Fucked Doggy Style

Zoey Holloway is a big brunette who likes it hard. Zoey’s videos often have an incest angle as she plays the Cougar/MILF who seduces her stepson or stepdaughter. She’s excellent as the older woman who hungrily sucks the cock of a lucky young man – a man she just might call son. But, she is totally irresistible as a MILF who finger fucks fresh young ladies until they moan for mercy. With her soft-spoken but lusty sex-filled demeanor, Zoey plays the Cougar MILF role like no other. Zoey’s JOI (jerk off instruction) work rivals Jodi West in the forbidden taboo mom category. Now, that’s saying something! Of equal importance, her Girlfriends Films lesbian sex performances are legendary and will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

All things considered, the only fault we see in Zoey’s work is that she left the traditional world of porn much too early. It is our understanding plans are to continue with fetish clip content on her own personal website. Thankfully, she was a prolific performer and leaves behind a spanking library that will satisfy even the advance fapper. At this time, one can only hope that she will make a historic comeback and allow us the privilege of seeing her full glory. We don’t care if it is with a man, woman or by herself! Welcome to the Top Rated MILFS Hall of Fame™ Zoey. If you decide to make a comeback we are ready to expand our Zoey Hollander collection!

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Emma Starr

Emma Starr getting fucked

This tall drink of California blond, with her beautiful face and body to match, puts hotness into being a MILF/Cougar. Emma is long and lean with great big boobs and piercings in the usual porn star locations. Much like Top Rated MILF Hall of Fame™ 2015 inductee Janet Mason, Emma is a part-time soccer mom and part-time porn star. However, she is a full-time MILF! Emma Starr first graced the hardcore screen at the certified MILF age thirty-two. Starr is the master of the threesome and queen of the gangbang. She cums onto one, two, sometimes three lucky young men or more. Emma has allegedly had sixteen men at once. Now that is one serious cock to MILF ratio!

Emma’s co-stars lift and contort her like the fuck doll she is. A true MILF that loves to take advantage of young cock. Are you up for the challenge? She is the MILF that will be forever known as a Naughty America’s original My First Sex Teacher™ or My Friend’s Hot Mom™. At last, please afford us the privilege of introducing Emma Starr as the newest member of the Top Rated MILFS Hall of Fame.™ Editors note: Emma’s original website states she was born in Texas. If we ever get the opportunity to participate in one of Emma’s gangbangs we will ask her personally and provide appropriate clarification!

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Beverly D’Angelo

Bevely D'Angelo Nude Shower Scene

Beverly D’Angelo played the hottest MILF ever when she first graced the big screen as Ellen Griswold. We loved imagining a mom as ridiculously sexy as Beverly. Although it almost seemed like casting her in the National Lampoon series was a mistake. No way a mom with a chaotic young family could ever pull off curvaceous cute and sexy the way Beverly did. Many movie buffs will allude to the fact that Christie Brinkley provided the Ferrari driving eye candy and seductive skinny dip temptation. However, it was Beverly who provided the most masturbatory memories from a cross country family vacation.

Still not convinced? Check out her amazing breasts in the Vacation shower scene! She was the MILF that filled our minds with dirty thoughts. Beverly showed us that she still brings it. She is a pint-sized, hourglass-shaped siren with long tousled blond hair and big blue eyes. Beverly’s beauty has not gone unnoticed. She has been married multiple times. Including to some high profile leading men such as Al Pacino. She is immensely talented and has proven time and time again. Beverly is just not another pretty face with perfect breasts. Moreover, Beverly D’Angelo personifies everything MILF and will forever be a cherished member of the Top Rated MILFS Hall of Fame!™

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Marilyn Chambers

Behind the Green Door

Marilyn Chambers is a true Porn star classic. The infamous Ivory Snow girl turned overnight pornstar worked both mainstream and adult film at the same time. Different from the blond, busty, curvaceous fuck siren, Chambers was athletic with legs for days. Her body was natural and phenomenal. With her full hair parted in the middle, she looked like a sweet and shy like a school girl. As a result, this outward innocence and inner nympho served Marilyn well in her 1972 debut in the highly acclaimed performance in Behind the Green Door.

Unbeknownst to her while filming, this soon to be classic provided critical artistic interest. Thus, playing a significant role in the Golden Era of Porn birth. With a career that spanned decades, we watched Chambers mature on-screen as she became the Cougar/MILF. Sadly, she passed away on April 12, 2009. At this time we would like to recognize Marilyn for her many and lasting contributions to the adult film world.  Her legacy is without question. For this reason, Marilyn Chambers is elected to the Top Rated MILFS Hall of Fame™ posthumously.

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Top Rated MILFS Hall of Fame™ 2016

That wraps up the Top Rated Hall of Fame™ Class of 2016. We firmly believe that this year’s selection of seasoned sexpots provides a talented mix of extremely talented mature women. Each actress on this list exhibits the necessary traits to be considered a MILF. By all indications, the class of 2016 lives the lifestyle both on-screen and off. The Top Rated MILFS team trusts you appreciate and support these well-deserved ladies selection. Finally, thanks to everyone that bookmarks our website and follows our twitter page @topratedmilfs. Stay tuned for the Top Rated MILFS Hall of Fame™ Class of 2017!

*This article originally scheduled for publication January 4, 2016
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