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Step Mom Hot Videos initially caused me much anguish and pain in the form of blue balls. Allow me to explain. My step mom was a porn star, and well, maybe you could also call her a model. She was solely a bedroom model if such a thing even existed. I was not only surprised when my dad brought Brianna Walters home as his new wife; I was thrilled as fuck. Being a porn star meant that everyone got to fuck her. Everyone but me it seemed.

beautiful sexy and seductive over 40 woman

Perhaps she didn’t consider me man enough to get between her skinny legs because I had just clocked eighteen. But as I stood there in her room, photographing her sensual poses on the large bed she shared with my aging father, my cock poked through my jeans. I wished she could look at me, look beyond my waistline and see just how much I wanted her. That would get her in the mood, wouldn’t it? Well, I was counting on it. But she was just too busy switching poses that she didn’t even spare me a glance. I just stood there, forgotten, with the Nikon digital camera in my hands clicking every second, catching her every pose.

Brianna Walters was a goddess, a beautiful, sexy and seductive over 40 woman. My step mom hot videos were all over the web, and each time I watched her in action, all I wanted was to fuck the hot MILF so hard until she came over and over again, all over me.

She was dressed in a white long sleeved shirt, with nothing–neither bra nor panties–underneath it. The fabric was very thin cotton that her nipples were very much visible as they strained against it. She’d left the first four buttons undone.

She sighed. “Okay, I give up. Are there any styles I haven’t tried already, Logan?”

“Of course,” I said, stepping toward her. “Here, let me show you.”

Step Mom Hot Videos

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I placed the Nikon at the head of the bed and climbed onto the bed, cautiously drawing closer to her. My cock seemed longer than ever before, and for the first time, her eyes devoured it.

I slowly undid all other buttons and parted the shirt some more, exposing her breasts all the way. They were full and heavy. Just perfect. I flattened myself palms to them, moving back and forth.

She gasped.

My hands disappeared into her shirt and dropped to her waist, caressing them. I slipped my hands between her thighs and pushed them apart, so there was much space between them as she knelt on the bed.

“There, I’ll take a picture now.” I made to stand, but the hot MILF wrapped her arms around my neck and fell back to the bed, pulling me atop her.

I smirked. I’d been so sure my little plan would work. Kneeling astride her legs, I quickly stripped off my polo shirt. She busied herself with my belt, hastily unbuckling it and unzipping my fly. She pushed my pants to my knees and grabbed my cock, her hands running up and down my shaft in preparation for the moist massage of her MILF pussy.

Step Mom Hot Videos


I kicked off the clothes, so I was completely nude, and then I leaned forward. She angled her pussy toward me, craving my hardness. And I didn’t disappoint. I invaded her pussy with one labored thrust. I made sure to exert every ounce of my strength, just to see pain flash in the eyes of the hot MILF underneath me. Yes, I wanted to cause her pain, only to fuck it away and bring her indescribable pleasure.

And when she shuddered underneath me, clamping her lips together so a scream wouldn’t escape her, I knew I had hit home.

I thrust again, harder this time. She clamped her lips tighter, but a whimper made it through regardless, and the whimper quickly escalated into a full-fledged scream as I pounded her hard and fast. Her screams were filled with lust. They were so abundant in ecstasy, giving me multiple eargasms.

“Ah!” she screamed harshly into my ears. “Oh, baby! Yes, baby! That’s it. Harder, baby. Come on! Ah…oh fuck!”
With each thrust, my cock scaled the depth of her pussy, touching her every curve and pounding every wall. Each thrust sent her bouncing up and down the bed, and as she gripped fistfuls of the white sheets, I caught myself wishing she was a virgin just so I could draw a beautiful red rose with her blood. But that didn’t matter. I would make her squirt all over the bed until she formed a frothy white orchid with her cum.

Step Mom Hot Videos

Step Mom Hot Videos

Trust me, there would be multiple orgasms in just one session. Sex with me was one she would not forget in a hurry, I would make sure of that.

I eyeballed her breasts as they jiggled like bells made of flesh. Her tits were so huge, it would be impossible to fit them into my palms. My hands found them and squeezed them hard. And while she bit her hip to trap in a scream, I rolled her nipples between my fingers. She moaned, urging me on. But her moaning voice transformed into a piercing cry as I pinched her nipples between my fingers. She thrashed around, but I didn’t let go. Her sound harsh and raw. It was the purest blend of pleasure and pain I had ever seen.

And it drove me wild.

I hooked my hands around her thighs and yanked her closer. As a result, her breathing was heavier now, and her moans were louder. They urged me to go fast. Faster. The fastest I could.

Our bodies were clammy, despite the air conditioning in the room. The bed creaked and groaned as we roved about like savage beasts. Her shirt was a crinkled mess behind her, and her hair snaked out around her head.

Her pussy clenched around me like a knot of some sort, and when her walls began to tremble, I quickly pulled out of her and buried my head between her legs. Finally, my tongue snaked its way inside of her, lapping up her juices as she squirted her first stream of orgasm just like in the MILF Porn movies!

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