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Mom Hidden Massage helps two horny neighbors get better acquainted while working out all the kinks! Angie’s next-door neighbor was laid up with a bad back. Angie had a lot of time on her hands because her kids all went away from college, and her husband was deceased. She had no one to take care of. So, one day, Angie was in the backyard trimming her roses, and she saw her neighbor, Frank, trying to get around. She dropped her trimmers and dashed to his aid.

Mom Hidden Massage

Mom Hidden Massage

Now, Angie wasn’t one to “dress her age.” She was very well-kept, and she liked her cut-offs and tight T-shirts.

“Oh, you poor thing,” she said. “Let me help you. “

“Oh, thank you,” he said. “My back is out.”

“I have just the thing,” she said.

His eyes swept her.

“Just looking at you is good medicine,” he said.

She blushed.

“Anyone tells you-you’re a MILF?” he asked.

Angie didn’t know what that meant she thought it was an innocent word.

“Well then, how about I give you a MILF Massage?” she asked sweetly.

“I will take that,” he said with a grin.

“Stay put then,’ she said.

Mom Hidden Massage Treatment

MILF Massage

Angie returned to her house, got a picnic blanket, and spread it on the back lawn. She helped Frank, who was a big, strong guy with a hot body, down to the ground. Angie straddled him and began to feel his muscles.
As she straddled him, her twat pressed against his back. Correspondingly, she rocked it back and forth and played with herself. She wasn’t aware of what she was doing. Regardless, Frank reached behind him and grabbed her firmly.

“You and I are a couple of horny matures getting a sexy massage, aren’t we?” he asked suggestively.

Angie nodded the affirmative as her honey hole continued to drip sweet MILF Pussy nectar.

She rubbed back and forth, and the crotch was so scant she could smell her scent.

Frank rolled over on her back – his body loosened up, and he could move with ease – and stuck his finger up her snatch. Furthermore, he tugged at her shorts, and the fabric of the jeans pressed into her wet, soft flesh.
Frank tugged at the crotch so that when she looked down, she saw the outline of her pussy. He finger-fucked her like crazy. She bounced up and down. He pressed his thumb on her clit as she jumped up and down.

Mom Hidden Massage Therapy

The sun blared down on them, warming their bodies. She bounced, shaking her giant tits up and down with them. He reached up under her T-shirt. She had no bra on, so he could touch her naked giant jugs.

He pinched her nipples till they were hard. She had big nipples, and they pointed out like little fingers. She used to be self-conscious of her big nipples, but then it became her thing. It was nasty and lascivious. Frank liked them. He played hard with them, pinching them.

Frank lifted up her shirt and looked underneath to see what she looked like. They were out in broad daylight. Hopefully, they are hidden from the public behind their homes in this case. Frank unzipped his pants and ripped the crotch of her jeans. Without delay, he slipped inside of her. Frank held her hips and moved her back and forth.

Angie was so wet and hot and tight on his hard cock. He was nicely hung. Frank was forged-steel hard, especially for his age, and he fucked her pussy skillfully. Ange liked the way the heat of the sun fueled her horniness. Her cunt is swollen for this reason. She reached down and played with herself.

Angie wagged her fingers and immediately made herself cum.

“Look at that MILF go,” he said.

Mom Hidden Massage Fucking

Frank tipped her so that they were side to side. He cupped her buttocks and glided his hands on the back of her thighs. Frank lifted them to her hips and pumped into her. He lifted the hem of the T-shirt up and exposed her breasts just enough so that her nipples were in the air. She looked down and saw her nipples pointed outward. The breeze and the sun’s heat bathing them.

Frank leaned over and sucked her titties. He flicked his tongue on the tip and captured it with his teeth. Frank bared his teeth so she could see her flesh in his teeth. He closed his lips around her nipple and sucked it really hard.

Frank moved his head back and forth and tugged. He clutched the small of her back and pumped into her. As a result, Angie arched back and felt the sun on her twat. She closed her eyes as the rush hit her. To put it differently, Angie was cumming. To clarify, her hot wet slut canal convulsed on his aged yet beautifully hard cock.

Her whole belly spasmed as she was racked with a powerful orgasm. The force of it renewed her pebbled nipples. They were hard all over again. At the same time, Angie reached up and pinched her own titties as she was electrified with cumming.

“Oh baby, you are so wet,” he said in MILF Porn voice. “I am going to cum too.”

Full-Release Mom Hidden Massage

He pulled out of her, and she closed her hand around his shaft. Her hand slipped on her own slickness that glistened on his shaft. Angie jerked him, so he spilled onto the grass. She basically watered the lawn with his cum. Angie milked him and milked him until his cock could not spurt any additional ejaculate.

They both collapsed onto the ground as the sun warmed them.

“Well, my neighbor MILF, you made my back problems go away,” he said, his finger lingering in her sticky wet pussy. If he kept touching her, she might get hot again. Finally, Frank decided to interject some levity by snickering, “I hope the Homeowner Association doesn’t find out about this Mom Hidden Massage. I’m sure we broke some serious small print HOA covenants!”

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