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MILFY Movies were the farthest thing from this hot housewife’s mind as she left home for a cross-town meeting. Naomi had an appointment in a part of town she didn’t ordinarily visit. But she had to pick up the Articles of Incorporation for her new fundraising group for the school fundraiser. She drove through the streets, parked in public parking, and then hurried to the address.

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On the way to her appointment, she passed something she hadn’t seen nor thought about in years; a peep show. After she picked up her papers, she took her time getting back. She was a grown woman, and she was curious. She walked into the theatre.

“May I help you?” asked the man behind the desk.

“This is an adult theatre?” she asked timidly.

“Well, it used to be,” he said. “Technology sort of put out of business, but we offer a service. You pay a fee and obtain a private room, and you can video yourself and a partner if you were to have one, doing whatever.”

Suddenly Naomi was inspired. She was already there, and she had the time and the cash. She wanted to make her husband something extraordinary.

“Can I do it now?” she asked.

“You may,” he said.

“And you don’t see any of it, correct?” she asked.

“Alas,” he said with a laugh. “No.”

“Okay,” she said. “Sold.”

She pulled out her credit card, and he ran it.

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“You would be surprised how many people come in off of the street on impulse,” he said pleasantly.
It was kind of weird that he was as pleasant as tell her local friendly hardware store manager when he dealt with the seedy underbelly of society. People walked into his store and pulled their pants down, and filmed themselves.

Naomi was going to make hot milf clips for her husband. One, maybe two high-quality MILF sex videos, even though the sex she was going to have was with herself. He would like it so much that when he reviewed the credit card statement for the amount she just spent, he would smile.

Naomi wasn’t quite prepared, so when he walked her to her room and locked the door, she just winged it. Naomi was surprised at how clean everything was. It was reassuring. Everything in the place was self-explanatory. She made videos of herself before, so this was not really anything new. The exciting part was going to be the story to her husband behind her video.

Naomi set the camera, pulled down her pants, and let it roll. She was so excited that she would make a short video if she wasn’t careful. Naomi wasn’t going to last very long at all. But then, on the other hand, she could make multiple videos and give each one on special occasions like when he wasn’t expecting them.

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Even though she was thoughtful and gave him treats like this regularly, this video or subsequent videos would be a complete surprise for him. After enjoying the sight of fingering herself in the mirror, she decided to let herself cum. Naomi pleasured herself until she was spasming uncontrollably.

Naomi giggled at how fast that was. She ensured the camera got a good view of her cunt clenching with the orgasm. Naomi was still not for just that reason; she liked how it felt and wanted to savor the magnetic moment.

She took a deep breath and reviewed the video. It came really well. She got to view on a view and make minor edits if she wanted. This was something that she could do at home, but the fact that she was doing it on her way home was part of the present.

Naomi had plenty of time, so she assumed a different position and started the camera rolling again. This time she lay on the bench like a seat, with one leg and one on the ground. She made sure that her MILF pussy filled the camera. Before the camera captured her face and her body. This time, it was just her beautiful twat.

Her fingers went to town, working back and forth, bringing her orgasm back to the heights of incredible pleasure. Naomi held off, trying to make it last as long as she could. She wanted to feel the power of her orgasm, but she didn’t want it all to be over so quickly. Naomi decided to switch it up, gently spanking her clit.

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This way, she would still be masturbating, but she wouldn’t cum fast doing it this way. Or so she thought. Without even realizing it, Naomi was on the brink of an incredible orgasm. She felt the blood rush to her wet, hot, swollen, aroused channel. Her insides made that signaling switch that told her she was about to cum, and then it hit.

Like a tidal wave, Naomi was slammed with a fantastic orgasm. From her head to her toes, her body rushes with pleasure. Naomi teetered in and out of consciousness as she was drunk on ecstasy. She felt a gush of wetness, almost like she ejaculated. Naomi squirted forth, moist with the ultimate arousal.

She cried out even though there was no one to hear her. The camera picked it up. This orgasm was way more potent than the last. When she recovered, she once again reviewed the video. She turned herself on watching it. Her husband was going to be incredibly thrilled with the present. Quite possibly as excited as she was making it.

Naomi staggered out of the shop and down to her car. She could hardly walk. Her dripping cunt was still so sensitized from making her MILFY movies. She drove home, but how she wasn’t sure.

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“Are you okay?” asked her husband as she walked through the door.

“Just fine, dear,” she said listlessly. “I have a present for you.”

Naomi sat her husband down. Then she sent him the link to her mature masturbation MILF Porn videos. She took great delight in watching his face transform as he watched his hot wife masturbate. His hand crept over to her body, and he mindlessly touched her as he continued to watch. She started to get up from the couch to make dinner, but he firmly grabbed her.

Naomi’s husband leaned into her middle and lifted her caveman style. He lifted her up and walked her down the hall. Her horny husband laid her down in the middle of their mattress, and he locked the door. He stripped off all of her clothes and banged her silly as they played her recently produced MILFY Movies. Naomi came hard in stereo.

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