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MILFY Mom Club inaugural meeting tonight at Redmont Hotel read the Friday afternoon text. “Horny moms looking for a way to be fucked,” was their chosen motto. As they gathered in the hotel lobby, they looked around for familiar faces. “No one can find out about this,” said Annabelle. “No one will!” said Fran. “I don’t know about this,” Misty confessed, looking confused. “I just feel so dirty even thinking about it. The kids are at their dad’s houses and this is what we do?” She sat up, trying to protest.

“Look, Misty, do you want to get laid or not? We are a bunch of horny moms looking for a way to be fucked. Are we not?” There was a moment of silence, as the sliding doors of the hotel opened up and three good-looking men walked in. They immediately directed their attention to the ladies sitting together, silent. “I have a feeling we are in the right place. Well, at least I hope so because you ladies are gorgeous!”

MILFY Mom Club

horny moms looking for a way to be fucked

The ladies perked up, smiling. “Let’s get some drinks and get to know each other,” suggested Fran. The men agreed and we led them to the hotel bar to order a few rounds. As the night went on they each slowly picked their man. Things were going as smooth as Louis XIII Cognac. They decided to take turns as couples occupying the same hotel room which was actually a corner suite.

First of all, it was Fran and her man. Fran’s breasts were perky. She was 36 and full of life. Her belly button was pierced, and she wore some modest diamond earrings. Fran was a giver. She pleasured him with her hand, then deep throat with her mouth. Fran loved sucking dick! She focused on him and his needs asking what he liked, asking if that felt good, just wanting to please him. She rode him reverse cowgirl as he suggested, and she loved every minute of it.

As he got close to orgasm she kept riding him steadily. Her body was so sexy, and she knew how to ride it so well, he couldn’t help but moan as he had a strong orgasm. The stranger’s cum filled Fran’s MILF Pussy before running out of her throbbing cunt flaps. Most noteworthy, there was definitely going to be a “wet spot” after this one! In all of the excitement, they forgot to wear protection.

MILFY Mom Club “All You Can Eat Pussy Buffet!”


Next in the room was Annabelle and her man. Annabelle is 37 and is a plain Jane. She has an average body, with a stunning charm. They kept things sweet as he gently laid her to rest on her back on the bed, pulling her panties off. He was all about pleasuring her. His tongue did wonders as she made noises any man is proud to have a woman make as an acknowledgment of his pussy eating prowess.

Annabelle’s breathing grew deeper and deeper as she inched nearer to orgasm. Her pussy was so fucking wet. The stranger’s tongue did things she never experienced before. As she started to orgasm, he shoved his finger in her ass which sent her into an all-body earth-shattering orgasm. Annabelle’s orgasm was drawn out and she came so hard. After completing her moment of euphoria, she had the biggest smile. She wanted to return the favor, but he insisted on being a gentleman and said it’ll be his night next time.

Seems like tonight was all about her, and to her, that was fine! Annabelle thought it was super sweet and it made her want to please him even more! She finally caved in, ignoring all his efforts to keep things paced, and opened his pants. She plopped to the floor with her hand already pulling it out to see what she was working with. Annabelle was about to start sucking it, when Misty came to the door, inserting her room key. Talk about a cock block! Annabelle and her gentleman quickly dressed and exited the room.

MILFY Mom Club “Get Laid, Get Fucked!”

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Misty was the last one in the room with her man. She was a hot thirty-one (31) and totally plastered as she continued drinking since happy hour. Misty was so fucking hammered that she actually took her shirt off in the elevator. I’m sure the hotel security team was happy with what they saw! Misty’s lover of the night carried her to the room. Once they were inside, he bent Misty over on the bed, lifting her skirt and pulling her panties down. His cock was so hard, hot, and ready. Misty’s pussy needed no foreplay as he slid it right in. The warmth of her pussy, her long healthy hair that smelled like vanilla, her tiny body. It all drove him wild. He plowed her from behind, then flipped her onto her back, spreading her legs as far apart as they’d go, he shoved his eight-inch cock in deep.

She took it like a champ. Her pussy was so small and tight. He played with her clit with his fingers, imitating pulses. Her orgasm peaked as he kept thrusting it in her, feeling every bit of her orgasm on his cock. Furthermore, he kept going even after she stopped, repositioning her again. This time, he picked her up off the bed and sat her on his cock as they moved to the suite sofa. Misty’s pussy was wetter than it had been in forever. Her female juices dripping, as he shoved his big cock into her. She got naughty, talking dirty as she rode his thick cock for all it was worth. As a result, he got goosebumps, followed by a hard cum, forcing his semen deep into her honey hole.

MILFY Mom Recap

These horny moms were looking for a way to be fucked. They sure did find it, in more ways than one. Each MILFY Mom more than satisfied their sexual cravings at the Redmont Hotel that night. Most of all, they agreed that their club dues which consisted of paying for an upscale hotel suite were more than worth it. After the men were gone, they all freshened up in their elaborate suite taking long relaxing showers. They then dried their hair and changed into their pajamas. In conclusion, it was time for some girlie pillow talk before the freshly fucked MILFS all drifted off to dreamland.

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