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MilfPorn PIC on a computer monitor gets a female receptionist fired and provides fodder for the news headline of the year. It was a girl’s night out, even though it had been a while since they were called “girls.” They were all women from work and the neighborhood, friends of a friend in various places in their forties. They gathered together for drinks and dancing.

A couple of the women worked together, and they shared the gossip. It seemed a receptionist was fired because they discovered porn on her computer. While some in the community were shocked, the MILFS at this table felt their pussy lips getting slick and their panties getting damp.

MILFPorn Pic

MILF Porn Photos MILF Porn Pics

“Who leaves a MILF porn pic on their desktop?” asked one woman named Chrissy.” She had to know it was going to be seen.”

“That’s the point,” said another named Kim. “She wanted to show off her MILF pic because she was a self-proclaimed MILF slut. Deep down, we’re all members of the MILF slut resort community if we’re honest.”

“Excuse me?” protested one of the women.

“Well, we’re here, looking our hottest, dancing. Don’t we like to be fucked? Aren’t we horny and want people to appreciate that we are still sexy, gorgeous, and fun to be with?”

Consequently, there was a collective nod of agreement.

“I proudly proclaim that I am a hot MILF. Even more, I wear it like a badge of honor that I take great care of myself, including my MILF Pussy,” said Kim.

“You take care… of your pussy?” laughed Chrissy.

“Yep. I pamper it. I wash it with sweet body wash and also powder it. Hell, I even put bows on it when I am in the mood,” she laughed. “I work out. I eat right. As a result, those things make me hot and raring to go. Likewise, I have an ass that competes with any twenty (20) year old in here.”

“So do you have any MILF pics you wanna share?” asked Chrissy. “Or do we have to go look at a computer at work somewhere?”

“I’ll bet you a round of drinks that more than just me has a naked selfie picture of herself on her phone,” she challenged. “Pony up, ladies. Let’s see them.”

MILFPorn Pic Comparison

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Consequently, the women broke out their phones and swapped them around the table, admiring pics of their mature, beautiful bodies.

“Nice tits,” remarked Kim of one woman.

A couple of guys approached the table. It was natural that a group of women dancing would attract attention. It was what they wanted, after all.

“Good evening, ladies,” said the guy. “We couldn’t help but notice that you are all looking at pictures. Care to share?”

“Do you know what kind of pictures we are looking at?” asked Kim.

One of the other guys answered that.

“No, that was just our pickup line. We just wanted to dance with you,” he said.

“We’re flattered,” said Kim.

“I think we should show them and ask them if they think we rate as mature MILFs,” said Chrissy.

“Gentlemen, buy us all drinks, and we will give you a treat,” said Kim.

The three or four men pulled up chairs and sat around the round table between the women. They had a look of anticipation like they were about to be in for something good. Kim spied that one man already had a hard-on.
On impulse, she touched it. She put her hand on the hardness of his pants. Kim used the tips of her fingernails and raked them so lightly across the tip beneath the table that no one could see.

Kim watched with delight as the guy pressed his eyes closed, loving every second. The waitress took everyone’s order, and the guys bought. The women started passing around the phones. The MILFS enjoyed seeing pictures of giant titties being smooshed together seductively. If that wasn’t enough naked mature action, pics of moms touching their wet, glossed lips with painted fingernails and then rubbing their pussies sealed the deal!

MILFPorn Pic Contest

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The amateur MILFS enjoyed taking occasional mature pics or, as some called them, milf pics. Now, they were viewing MILF Porn Pics one after another, basically jutting their hot asses out, asking for a stiff cock to either fill one hole or the other. Kim noted that many of her MILF Porn Photos friends had smoking hot bodies. Each woman was different and at their best because that made them hot.

Surprisingly, Kim found herself getting turned on by the women. Just like the men were. There was no denying it. As a result, she turned her attention from “Mister Hard On” next to her to the woman next to her. She touched her thigh. The woman was surprised due to this at first. Then she slowly parted her legs.

Kim touched her wetness because the woman wore a skirt and no stockings. The woman helped, covertly pulling her panties to the side so that she could reach. Kim suspected that that sort of thing was going on around the table.

“Well, this is the hardest, emphasis on the word “hard,” contest that we have had to judge. We aren’t even going to try.

Because ladies, we declare you all MILF Porn Pictures winners!”

Half of the men and women moved the party onto the dance floor, but the rest had other ideas. Similarly, they all scrambled to find more secluded places to work off the pent-up sexual energy that built up from looking at sexy pics. It was official, MILF sluts had taken over.

Kim took a woman and a man with her and locked them in the ladies’ room. She wedged a chair under the doorknob. Finally, Kim turned to the woman and plunged her tongue into her mouth. She had great new MILFPorn Pic ideas!

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