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Mature Mom Facial was the furthest thing from this recently separated mature woman’s mind as she entered the examination room. Cheryl was understandably nervous. She was a mature mom, and she was going to her annual checkup. She waited on the exam table, naked except for a disposable paper gown. The doctor entered the room. Usually, he waited for a nurse, but since they were really booked that day, he asked if she didn’t mind if they went ahead. They knew each other pretty well, and Cheryl said sure.

mature mom mature women

“Lie back,” he said.

He lubed up a warmed speculum and inserted into her. It actually felt pretty good, though it was super tight. He expanded it and took swabs. Next, he lubed up his finger and inserted it into her rectum while the metal speculum was in place.

He removed the speculum and set it aside. He raised her arm above her head and felt one breast. Then he felt the other. The paper gown at this point was barely covering her. She sat up. The drape floated away. She was going to grab it, but he was busy writing away on his chart, and he was kind of in the way.

“So, any concerns?” he asked.

“I am having a problem with the skin on my face,” she said.

“Well many mature women do at this time of life,” he said.

“Is there anything I can take?” she asked.

He rattled off a lot of cures, and then he stopped. It sounded like he was going to say something, but he stopped himself. Cheryl could tell that he wanted to say to her what he was thinking but then he really couldn’t.

“What?” she asked.

“Well there is something, but I hesitate to tell you,” he said.

“What?” she asked.

Mature Mom Facial Treatment

Mature Mom Facial

“I am telling you in the name of medicine. It’s going to sound strange, but I suggest you use your husband’s cum,” he said. “It tightens and firms the skin, and it’s the right pH to neutralize the blemishes. In addition, you can even incorporate the activity into your sex life. Watch some MILF Porn together then have him jack off either in front of you, and you can capture it or have him directly squirt it on your face.”

“Hmm,” she said.

“Is there a problem?” he asked.

“Well my husband and I separated right now,” she said, nearly breaking down and crying. “He’s seeing someone else.”

“I am sorry to hear that. Maybe that’s the cause of the breakouts. Stress,” he said. “Divorce is really one of the most stressful events.”

“I’ll try some of these other remedies,” she said. “It’s bad enough that I lost my marriage but my face?”

“It’s not that bad, but if it makes you unhappy, I am here to help. And listen,” he said. “If you swear this is between us, I can help you out. Of course, this would not be sexual in nature, but I will produce cum for you so that you aren’t suffering. Strictly for medicinal purposes.”

“How will I um, receive it?” she asked.

Mature Mom Facial Results

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“Well there are many ways,” he said. “I can produce it right now if you like and apply it myself.

Again, strictly clinically speaking, you are perfect. You should feel confident. What I want you to do, if you are comfortable, then lay back. Close your eyes and basically wait for my ejaculate. Does that work for you?”

“Yes,” she said.

If it meant that she had clear skin after such a humiliating experience, she would take it. She would keep her eyes closed as he said and, in a few minutes, it would be over. Sounded simple if yet somewhat gross. Cheryl never liked cum in her MILF pussy, let alone taking a load of jizz to the chin.

The doctor locked the door and dropped his pants. She laid back and waited accordingly. As expected she heard the rustled of clothing and some grunting then she felt the heat of his cum. It was strangely soothing. She kept her eyes closed while he then smeared the spent sperm on her face.

He washed his hands and continued to massage the cum into her face. She realized that she was still completely naked, that he jacked off while totally nude. She sat up to dress, and he stopped her.

“One moment,” he said.

Mature Mom Facial Success

Jasmine Jae Cum on Face

He soaked some gauze with warm water and washed her face. Whether the cum cleared her skin or not, her skin definitely felt better. She looked in the mirror after she was all put together again. As a result, her skin seemed fresher and more vibrant. At any rate, the cum treatment did seem to make her look better.

The doctor wrote his email contact on a piece of paper.

“If you need anything, email me,” he said. “Now why do you and I have a frank conversation about what happened in your marriage. What do you think the problem was in particular?”

Finally, the doctor picked up the paper and draped her with it. Cheryl was naked still wondering what her next office visit would entail.

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