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Latina MILFA is the gorgeous stepmom that I met under less than stellar circumstances. I had decided to come home after grad school to give my relationship with dad one last try. We had never seen eye-to-eye; a little hard to when the man never spent time with me. Dear old dad knocked my mother up when they were in high school. Not wanting to be “tied down,” with family, he deserted us and set out for the business world.

My father was a successful entrepreneur. In fact, he started several companies which he sold off for millions of dollars. He had just recently sold his latest startup and invited me back home to celebrate this windfall and my recent MBA. I agreed and traveled by train to see the country a little and to gather my head for a meeting with the old man.

Latina MILFA

XXX Latina mom

Then the unthinkable happened. He died en route. Hence, my journey home was going to be about a funeral and not a celebratory reunion. I got the word from a cousin. The next thing I knew my cell phone was sounding a familiar ringtone. It was my dad’s phone number but it wasn’t my dad, obviously.

“This is Paul,” I said.

“This is Anya,” she said.

It was my dad’s wife. Wife number four to be exact. I had never met her. I just got a card in the mail after they were wed. They had been together for about two years. She sounded awful broken up. I guess technically or legally she was my stepmom. My dad could pick ‘em. This one sounded incredibly hot.

“Hi, Anya, sorry to meet you under these circumstances,” I said.

“I will have your room all ready for you when you arrive,” she said.

She had an accent. As I recall, she was Brazilian. I pulled social media up on my laptop and searched for my dad’s account. I hadn’t even bothered to before and as I was talking to this super hot sounding woman, I was looking at her. My god. She was beautiful. I had a stepmom. In fact, she was hot Latina MILFA stepmom! She was my age. Perhaps, I might actually have been a little older.

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XXX Latina mom, Latina mom BBW

She had long hair, just past her shoulders. Her face had perfect symmetry. Her eyes were sweet and her body rocked. I was hard just looking at her. I suppose if I had a better relationship with my dad I would be an asshole for lusting after my dad’s wife but I didn’t feel the least bit of guilt. One look at her and no one could blame me.

“Hey don’t go to any trouble,” I said. “I’ll be fine. It’s you I am worried about.”

“I will wait for you,” she said.

The way she said those words to me made me want to fuck her. I looked at the social media pictures, floored by her absolute Latina mom BBW beauty and imagined her beneath me as I fucked her brains out. My train would be another two hours. For the first time that I could remember, I couldn’t wait to be home.

Although it would have been really cool to have my beautiful stepmother meet me at the train station, I decided it best to just cab it to the house. Anya was totally torn up about my dad but still, she waited on me. Finally, she greeted me at the door in a sweet, flowered dress. Her hair and make-up were perfect even though she had been crying.

I wanted to console her. We talked a little and then she had to turn her head and cry. I touched her arm. I drew her to me. My dad had been sick off and on which is what motivated me to come out. For the reason that he was old enough to be her fucking father! Therefore, the sex between them couldn’t have been anything special.

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Latina MILFA

As I held her I could smell her perfume. Due to this sensory foreplay, I was thinking about all kinds of bad – and really good – things. If she were to let me fuck her, I wouldn’t judge her. She probably needed it. I took her beautiful face in my hands and looked her in the eye. We said nothing and yet communicated clearly. She nodded.

I pressed my lips to hers and penetrated her mouth with my tongue. Mutual passion transformed our bodies until she melted in my arms, limp against me, offering herself up to me. I had traveled a long way and ordinarily would have taken a bed and a nap but I wanted her bad.

I swept her up in my arms. She was light as a feather and yet her sensual body was curvaceous – a red-blooded man’s dream. I took her into my room because I thought it would be odd to have sex on their bed.

Anya sat up and we unzipped her dress together and slipped it off her perfect body. She was such a lady – my hot stepmom. My stepmother laid back and I beheld her centerfold- like shape. Her breasts were large but round with nipples that were petite and pert. Her stomach was flat. They had no children so I knew her pussy was going to be tight.

I was so right. Nervously, I nestled my feet between her legs and tasted her sweetness. I stuck my tongue inside of her as far as it could go. I licked it all. Anya moaned with pleasure as I rose above her, kicked off my clothes. I saw her eyes flare with wonder because she liked what she saw.

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I was younger, much fitter version of my dad. Slowly, I parted her knees and got inside of her Brazilian waxed MILF Pussy. Anya was so so tight. Anya’s mourning pussy fit my manhood like an Italian racing glove. I wanted her to come on her stepson’s throbbing cock.

“Touch yourself,” I whispered. “Cum for me.”

She obliged, shyly closing her eyes. I pulled my cock out of her freshly fucked pussy and headed south to pay tribute to her amazing Brazilian browneye. Anya worked her delicate fingers with their perfectly painted nails, back and forth on her engorged clit while my cock eased its way into her accepting ass.

As a result, she was spasming on my rock hard cock in no time. I thrust a few times but I could not hold out another moment. I pulled out and gave my hot stepmom a loving facial. Anya cleaned my cock properly, giving me a naughty motherly look as she tasted my last drops of cum.

We slept together all night but, never repeated our XXX Latina Mom porn worthy taboo sex act. In the morning we shared a quick breakfast and touched briefly on the estate. Dad had an updated will and we agreed that it was good as it stood. Consequently, there would be no fighting or drawn-out legal proceedings required. That was the only time I met Anya, my hot Latina MILFA. She went about her own way. I never saw her again but will always remember my special way of consoling stepmom. Take that Dad!

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