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Hot Step Mom Video was all that was written on the nondescript box, and its well-kept contents forever changed my life. Allow me to explain. “Derek, can you help me move those boxes into the moving truck?” she asked with pearly white smile ash she pointed to a stack of boxes. “Sure,” I said with a groan, not wanting to help but knowing better.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like her, it’s just that everything was new and foreign. The divorce between my mother and father was messy and left everything with a weird tension in the air. “Thank you, Derek, I promise this will get easier with time,” she replied, a hint of sadness creeping across her face as she turned away from me to finish packing and taping another box.

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I nodded, leaning forward off the couch and walked over to the neatly stacked set of boxes, picking two off the top and made my way for the door. The latch was somewhat difficult but, I finally opened it. The old wood letting out a low creak. Securely, I nudged the door closed with my foot and walked down the short cement path to the waiting truck and set the boxes down on the bumper.

I noticed two girls from town walking down the sidewalk across the street, their jeans tight and their tops just the same. What I wouldn’t give to spend an hour with them, I thought to myself as I leaned against the truck, hoping they would look in my direction as my mind flooded with perverted thoughts.


One of the boxes had slipped from the ledge of the bumper and spilled its contents across the pavement as I was staring at the two hotties. They looked back at the sound, stopping for a moment to share a giggle at my expense while I tried to play it cool. Smooth, I thought to myself as I scurried to pick up everything.

“Are you okay?” I heard my stepmother say as she opened the door.

“Y… yeah, I’m fine, just dropped a box. Nothing looks broken, sorry,” I replied as I shoved random objects back into the box.

“Let me know if you need any help,” she replied, turning as I nodded and closed the door behind her.

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I looked back towards the girls, losing sight of them as they walked around the corner of the street. Damn, I thought, kicking myself emotionally as I looked down at the small box in my hands. What is this?

Hot Step Mom Video,” I whispered, looking down at hastily written black marker that labeled the box. I looked around me, making sure no one was watching as I carefully opened the corrugated cardboard flaps.

“Holy… shit,” I said in a hushed tone, looking over a neatly organized collection of DVDs. I took out a thin plastic case, looking over the cover when my heart leaped into my throat. “That’s… holy shit, that’s Sherry. That’s my freakin’ stepmom on the cover.”

My hands started to shake as I looked over the cover, Sherry’s face perfectly framed with the title “Big Tits Mom.” The title isn’t lying, I thought to myself as I looked at her large, naked breasts. I slipped the DVD into my pocket and thumbed through the rest of the various titles before grabbing another random MYLF DVD and stuffing it into my pocket alongside the other. Discreetly, I closed the box, my cock stiffening in my pants as I pressed my palm against it as I tried to ease my arousal.

I slid the boxes against the wall and turned to face the house as nerves began to creep across my body. Moreover, how am I going to face her now? I thought to myself as I ran my hands down my face, I don’t know if I can look at her the same. I inhaled, exhaling slowly through my nose before walking back up the path and into the house, the creak of the door startling me.

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“Was everything okay?” Sherry asked as she set down another box on the growing stack.

“Yeah… sorry, I’m a bit clumsy today,” I replied, my voice shaking slightly.

Sherry smiled, but the smile turned into concern as she looked at me. “Are you sure you’re okay? You look a little pale.”

“Y..yeah, I, uh, I just don’t feel very well right now,” I replied, bringing my arm up to my stomach to cement the lie.

“Oh no, hopefully, you don’t have the bug that’s been going around. Why don’t you go lie down in my room, I’ll check on you in a little bit and bring you some soup,” Sherry replied, extending her hand to check my forehead.

Her skin was soft, and her touch sent the electricity of thousand-tesla coils through my body. Consequently, I coughed, turning my head to break the contact. “Thank you, I think it’ll help to rest for a minute.”

I gave her a weak smile, trying not to look her in the eyes as I walked toward the back of the house. Then, I opened the door, the room mostly unpacked, her DVD player instantly grabbing my attention. I closed the door behind me, the metallic sound of the latch giving me goosebumps as I pressed my back to the door. There, I stood in the silence, wondering if I should wait to watch the video at my father’s house. At any rate, I simply couldn’t wait. I wanted to see what this is all about, I thought to myself, leaning off the door and slowly walking toward the TV stand.

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The bright light of the TV illuminated the room as I turned down the volume and turned on the DVD player. I took the DVDs out of my back pocket and opened “Big Tits Mom,” carefully sliding the DVD into the player. The loading buffer played for a few moments before the TV was taken over by the title screen, quick teaser scenes of Bad MILFS getting fucked by young men played before my eyes as my cock sprung to life.

I slowly walked over to the edge of the bed and picked up the remote. Leaning my body toward the door, I listened to make sure no was near the room before pressing play. I watched as a camera was focused on Sherry, panning over her body as she dusted throughout an expensive looking house. I picked up the remote, fast-forwarding to the good stuff and deciding to watch the other DVD in its entirety when I got home.

“You’re going to feel some pressure when you stick it in me, but it’ll feel good,” Sherry cooed as her stepson looked down curiously at his cock that was poised on her pubic mound. “Slide your cock in slowly, and slowly pull it back out.”

The young male grabbed the base of his cock, rubbing the head against Sherry’s slick labia, parting them. The man groaned, rubbing his cock up against her clit and back down before slowly pressing inside of her. Sherry moaned, looking at the man with pleasure-filled eyes as his pelvis met hers.

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“It feels good doesn’t it,” she moaned, causing my cock to press against my pants as I watched the male porn star slide back out of her and slap his cock against her.

“So good,” he moaned before plunging back into her and pawing at her hips as he rocked his hips.

I unbuttoned my pants, unzipping them and freeing my cock through the hole of my boxers. Next, I grabbed the base of my shaft, gripping tightly as I stroked myself slowly. I watched as the male pulled out of her, the camera focusing on her pussy before panning back out. She leaned the male back onto the bed and moved to straddle him; her pussy hovering above the head of his cock.

“If you thought that felt good, wait until I fuck you,” Sherry said as she lowered her body onto his cock, his girth disappearing inside of her as her thighs met his.

My cock throbbed hard against my hand as I watched her bounce her hips up and down his length. Her pussy looked like it was wrapped tightly around him. Seeing that, the head of my cock started to glisten with precum as my muscles started to tense. I wonder what she feels like, I thought to myself as I began to stroke faster.

Suddenly, the door to the bedroom swung open, “Derek, would you… Oh, my God!” Sherry yelled, turning her back to me and clasping her hand over her mouth. “Shit!” I yelled, standing up quicker than the speed of light and stuffing my cock back into pants. I fumbled for the remote, subsequently dropping it on the floor as moans continued to playout for the room.

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The image of Sherry bouncing on a hard cock while her large tits bounced with her on the screen mesmerized me.

“What are you doing Derek? Where did you find that?” Sherry yelled, her voice cracking from shock.

“I, uh, I found them in the box that tipped over. Sorry, I’ll put them back,” I said, finally turning off the TV.
Sherry laughed, turning back toward me and smiling at me as I stammered, trying to not look her in the face.

“Hand it over,” she said, walking over to me and extending her hand.

I sheepishly handed over the DVD, the other hidden under a throw blanket I yanked during the surprise entry.

“Do you want soup now or later?” Sherry asked, trying to break the tension.

“Uh, later,” I replied, still not looking at her.

“Okay, I’ll knock before I check on you again,” she replied. Sherry chuckled to herself once more before she walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.

I physically shook my body, trying to cast away the embarrassment from watching Hot Step Mom Video ever so briefly. Furthermore, getting busted by the leading actress (aka my new Stepmom), was more than anyone could ever explain! I nervously tucked the other DVD into my pocket. I’ll watch this later, I told myself… and most definitely remember to lock the fucking door. In any event, I have a sneaky suspicion that my hot stepmom and I are really going to get along!

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