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POV Mom HD filmmaking was much better than some lame party anyway. Especially, when a smoking hot MILF is the subject of both the camera lens and your young cock! No one had enough money for a fancy restaurant so they had a graduation party at home. Tonya’s adult kids, one of which was a recent college graduate and their friends enjoyed a party on the cheap. Tonya made herself scarce because no one wanted their mother around while they had friends over drinking. She did walk through once late to say hello and to get some coffee while the party-goers sobered up.


“Is that your mom?” she heard one of the guys asked as though he were amazed.”

Tonya was secretly flattered, but she didn’t want to embarrass her kids by showing it. As she was leaving one guest caught her eye. He wasn’t a kid. He was slightly older than everyone else, and they were in their mid-twenties.

“I am Shane,” he said standing. “I don’t believe we’ve met.”

Standing up Shane towered over her. It felt wrong being attracted to one of her kids’ friends but they weren’t kids anymore, and there was probably little danger that he would be tempted by her. After all, she was a mature mom.

She touched Shane’s hand to shake it, and the electricity flowed between them. It was intense, and it had been a while since she felt like that. Things were venturing into the grey area, so Tonya backed off.

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Where the party was over, and Tonya had the house to herself again, there was a knock on the door. She wasn’t expecting anyone, but her intuition told her who it was. She checked through the door first, and her suspicions were affirmed. It was Shane.

She opened the door and peeked around it. She opened the door and peeked around it.

“What are you doing here?” she asked in a seductive, sensual tone.

She hadn’t meant to sound sexy it just came out that way. Shane then confessed to having a slight problem “down there.” Tonya joked about seeing an erectile dysfunction commercial portraying an actor with a similar predicament.

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He pushed forward and paused, looking down on her and while she up at him like they were star-crossed lovers. Tonya felt the power between them. She became instantly aroused. She grew wet between her legs. Tonya then mindlessly pressed her tits into his chest.

Shane was a big strong man, and he lifted her easily. He carried her into her bedroom. With his foot, he swung the door shut. It was so hot. Tonya though she was older, was super vital and healthy and she sported a bikini in the summer. She felt so young, although she was much older than Shane.

They laid on her bed, and he broke out his phone. It was apparent he was going to show her something besides his young nine-inch cock. It was an unusual move, but the grin on his face made her eager for what he was about to share.

“Know what step mom videos are?” he asked.

“Excuse me?” she asked.

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“You know,” he showed her his phone. “Mature Mom Videos? It’s one of the hottest things going in porn. Guys like older women with great bodies. You are the sexiest mature mom I’ve ever seen. I think you are hot.”

My cock has been rock hard since I laid eyes on you this evening.

“You mean people actually watch older women on videos to get hot?” he asked.

“Yes,” would this cock lie? he grinned. “Wanna make a movie?”

Tonya leaned back as Shane unbuttoned her blouse. He leaned forward and kissed her. Shane swept his tongue inside of her mouth. It made her wet. He perched his camera up and set the timer. They began to fuck.

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Shane stripped her naked and sat and admired her beautiful body. For this reason, he purposely stuck her tits up on the air. Tonya teased him, inviting him to suck her admittedly fake tits. Soon enough his hot lips enveloped her nipples. He turned his head and bared his teeth so the camera could pick up everything he was doing to her.

He videoed his hands roaming the planes and curves of her tremendous body. She had big, round tits. He cupped them with his fingers before trailing down to the wetness between her legs.

His fingers slipped inside of her hot wet cunt. He made sure to get a close up of the action. He purposely fucked her slow-mo so that it would be a tease on the camera.

“This is going to be so much fun to watch,” he said in an erotic tone of voice.

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The voice warmed her. It coiled in her belly and made her squeeze her cunt muscles around his hard, giant rod. His chest rumbled like a wild animal. It lit up Tonya’s basic instinct. She pushed up again his hips, trying to take in all of his dick.

He pulled out and flipped her over. She arched up her round buttocks immediately. Then, Shane leaned down and kissed her perfect ass. He dragged his wet tongue on her curves. Shane plunged his tongue inside of her. He lapped her soft flesh, soaking tunnel. Shane battered her clip with his tongue, teasing it. She was going to cum against his mouth.

Tonya bucked and slow-fucked his tongue. Shane took a close up of her wet pussy before he slipped inside of her. Tonya reached between her legs and masturbated. She worked her clit to turbocharge the orgasm that was going to happen anyway.

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Masturbation made the orgasm slam her hard. It was delicious and electrifying. As a result, Tonya’s nipples hardened as the wave washed through her body. They pointed against the mattress, and as Shane fucked her, her nipples grazed the sheets.

Her cunt pulsed around his cock and she lay limply on the bed, bathed in pure pleasure. Shane came hard, and at some point, they were both a mass of erotic convulsion, cumming hard together.

Afterward, he laid next to her. They both cuddled as they watched the playback of their hot, sticky sex. Furthermore, it was the best banging her MILF Pussy had ever had. At least at that point. As soon as they watched, they were ready for round two of POV Mom HD action. By the end of the night, Tonya was the star of a collection of mature mom videos and Shane had a personal collection of MILF Porn.

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