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Hot MILFY was a nickname Delanie had grown to accept and embrace. If men (and some women) wanted to flirt with her while she waited on them, it usually meant far more tip jar money. The bar closed down Sunday afternoon. The boss rented out the place to a client who liked the look of the bar for a particular, very specific, project. The boss pulled Delanie aside and asked her if she wanted to work, waiting on the crew of the project like she would any other party. For this reason, Delanie didn’t understand why he put it that way.

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“Of course, why wouldn’t I?” she asked.

“Well, they are renting out the place to do a porno,” he said. “Don’t judge. Consequently, it’s a lot of money, and I am giving you the first crack at the gig. Being that, I know you are a single mom and all. Hence, you need money.”

Delanie blushed. With this in mind, her ex-husband did have the kids that weekend. She could take the job, but she didn’t know about porn.

“Will I see anyone – um –” she stopped before she said the actual words.

“Fucking?” her boss finished with a huge smile.

Delanie blushed at first.

“I don’t think so but you might hear them,” he laughed.

It was like he found amusement in her embarrassment.

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“They are filming MILF Porn,” he said. “I think the guy said something about the working title being named “Big Ass MILFS.” Something to that effect anyway.

Delanie’s head spun with sexual anticipation.

“You don’t know what I am talking about?” he said.

Her body heated up with a blush from head to toe. Delanie was a workaholic, with no social life. Her ex-husband took the kids from time to time, she got zero support from him otherwise. There was no time for dating. Standing now near her boss, laughing with him, she was suddenly hot for him. It was going to be awkward working while people were fucking in front of cameras.

She walked away, but he stopped her.

“You didn’t answer my question,” he said. “Do you know about Milf porn?”

“No,” she confessed. “I don’t.”

He fished around on his phone.

“Here,” he said. Does this view explain?

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Hot MILFY Porn

It was a MILF porn photo, so she got some idea of what was going to happen when she worked.

“You could be a star,” he said raising his brows up and down.

Now she was paralyzed with arousal.

“I think,” he said with a whisper. “I should show you what to expect.”

She was positively hot, wanting to spread her legs for her boss. It was so taboo, and it all happened so quickly.

“I thought you said – ” she began but once again, could not finish.

“Said we weren’t going to see any fucking?” he laughed. “I could show you some fucking.”

She didn’t move as his hand roamed her. To begin with, his fingers slipped under the blouse and touched her perfect tits. She had big tits, and they were forever falling out of her bra. He found her nipple quickly and pinched it.

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“Would you like that?” he asked. “If say a top MILF pornstar dominated you?”

She gasped.

“Me? With a woman?” she asked.

He chuckled.

“Yeah,” he said. “Having a Big Ass MILF eating your mature pussy?”

“I,” she stuttered.

They were alone, and he swept her up and carried her back to his office. He had a bed there, she knew about it though she never sat on it or used it. He tossed her easily onto it and rolled on top of her.

They kissed. As a consequence, the effect of his kiss went right between her legs. She was slippery wet indeed. His fingers slipped inside of her and finger fucked her rigorously. She played with his tongue with her tongue, savoring the taste of him while he stuck his fingers into her as deeply as they could go.

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“Fuck me,” she said.

“Don’t have to ask me twice,” he said disrobing his skinny jeans.

Quickly he took his pants off. In like manner, Delanie just slipped her panties to the side and gave him access. Then he fucked her hard and fast. She had no idea how much she needed fucking until he was drilling her. As a result, she reached between her legs and masturbated. Multiple orgasms were her norm.

Delanie had a great talent to make herself cum a couple of times in a row. He stayed hard while her cunt squeezed and spazzed on him. Thus, her juicy channel clenched him tight as she came. He grunted, and it sounded like he was going to give in and cum himself, but he stayed strong. She waited a few seconds and played with herself again.

In seconds, she was spazzing again. This time was way harder than before. Her boss could not hold out. He dissolved into a powerful orgasm of his own. He pressed his head to hers and stopped moving as he came hard.

Delanie pumped her hips toward him. She had regained her wits somewhat after cumming and had the presence of mind to fuck against him to pleasure him. It didn’t take long before he gave her the first of many cumshots she would receive from her boss.

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“Oh baby,” he moaned.

Delanie and her boss fucked a couple of times more. On the day of the movie shoot, they touched right out in the open. She waited on the crew as she was hired to do, but when the actual performance took place, she and her boss watched. He had his hands under her shirt or in her pants the whole time.

When the shooting wrapped up, her boss had a surprise. He hired a camera guy to video Delanie and him as they fucked. He pressed her knees wide apart as they could go. Seeing that, the cameraman zoomed in close to capture shots of her boss’s cock as it went in and out of Delanie’s pussy. When they were finished, and the camera guy left, he sent them a link to their video.

Delanie’s boss fixed them a couple of brandies, and they watched their video as they sipped the drink. The combination was wicked. At the same time, the brandy warmed her tummy as she was hot for her boss. Watching herself fuck made her feel so nasty. She had initially planned to ask for extra pay for working the movie. However, she decided she was well paid with sex. This hot MILFY liked her boss’s dick and asked for it often after that.

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