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Hot Amateur Mom was her stage intro as Molly nervously worked the pole for the first time. Other than being her first-ever experience stripping, it was a normal night at the titty bar. Men trying desperately to impress the sexy pole dancers with fancy cars, social status or (supposed) size of their cock. Molly once had it all until she got pregnant. She had made up for her early mistake by raising a beautiful daughter who was now going off to college on a full-ride golf scholarship. Tears rolled down her face of this attractive middle-aged, single, woman. She was all alone now until her daughter returned for winter break.

Molly was a hot amateur mom that could count how many times she had sex since her daughter’s birth on one hand. She was a beautiful and horny mother looking to be fucked. Molly wasn’t there for the money. She was there for the thrill of trying to connect with someone, even if it was just for one night. This beautiful mature woman sat in disappointment as the younger girls all seemed to find their regular customers. Molly felt so lonely, even with all these men around her. She craved being touched and was determined to get laid that night.

Hot Amateur Mom

Hot Amateur Mom

The young security guard sat down next to her. “What’s wrong, Molly? You looked great up there! It seems like they were tipping you well.” “They are. I’m making some decent money. That’s not it, Sal.” “Then, what’s wrong?” He questioned. “I am just eye candy. Men like to look at me. No one can touch me. Hence, no one can pleasure me. I want to be pleasured. I want to be touched. Seriously, I haven’t had sex in years unless you count masturbation. Most of all, Molly was so fucking tired of masturbating. Seems like Masturbate had become Molly’s middle name! What’s wrong with me?” Sal looked at her, pulling up her chin with his gentle finger.

“If you need me, call me. I am here for you. Whatever you want, whatever you need, I’ll give it to you.” He stood up and left the room. It was almost time to go on again so she fixed her makeup, put some eye drops in, and put on her next outfit. Molly strutted onto the floor with an especially relevant fuzzy breasted leotard on. Her heels clanked on the floor. She had this new fuel behind her fire. Molly felt so hot and sexy, knowing his eyes were in her. She grabbed the pole, flirting with the crowd then staring straight at Sal.

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Molly spun around the pole, her still firm ass cheeks busting out of the leotard. She quickly let go of the pole, walking towards Sal. This gorgeous MILF didn’t take her eyes off of him. The crowd cheered as she went up to Sal and asked him to take off her leotard. As he unbuttoned it, the crowd roared and whistled. It fell to the floor, exposing a pink sequins thong. Her titties had matching pink sequins pasties, hiding her nipples. Molly quickly turned and climbed back up on the platform which was now covered in dollar bills.

They all watched as the tension built between them. She kept dancing, making her money. As her moment in the spotlight ended she went back over to Sal, kissing his cheek then walking to the back. As she undressed and gathered her belongings Sal went to check on her. “You have no idea what I’m capable of between the sheets. But I want you to find out.” He handed her a paper with his phone number on it. She smiled, sliding it into her bra. She drove home, calling him as she pulled in her driveway.

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Molly gave Sal her address and awaited his arrival. As he pulled in, she filled with excitement. Finally, this milf mom was going to get some dick. Sal quickly noticed photos of a smoking hot young woman and golf trophies all over the house. “Don’t worry, my daughter just left for college. Therefore, we’re all alone.” “Seems like it,” uttered Sal as he grabbed the base of her Moly’s neck. Sal kissed her passionately before Molly finally led him to her bedroom. The lights were dim. The mood was almost set. He slowly undressed her, kissing her skin as he exposed it. He slid off her panties revealing a cleanly shaven and dripping wet pussy.

Sal took a taste while diving into her wetness. Consequently, Molly’s clit was extremely sensitive and expressive. Molly’s reaction drove Sal wild. He stood up, sliding his pants and boxers to his ankles and kicking them off. Molly laid on the bed, naked. She was probably as ready as she could be, and as wet as she could be. Sal grabbed his cock, showing her how hard and big it was. As a result, Molly spread her legs open, showing him how ready she was. Due to this, Sal accepted the invitation, nodding and climbing on top of her.

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Sal quickly shoved his erect penis into her. He could feel her MILF pussy gush all over his big hard cock. Her face filled with enjoyment. He held her hands down on the bed as he thrust it deep into her. When the young security guard got tired of that position, he rolled over on his back. Molly then climbed on top and mounted Sal’s cock. Oh, how she loved this position. Molly then proceeded to fuck Sal with the stored up sexual energy she held between her legs for over a decade. Sal grabbed her ass tight with his strong hands. Most noteworthy was how Molly kept riding his cock in MILF Porn fashion.

Sal did his best to match her syncopated rhythm. He kept filling her pussy with big hard cock. As Molly neared to orgasm, he kept pounding his hips into her. Sal kept going, holding his own orgasm back as much as he could. This was all about Molly. He finally gave in to it, spraying his cum deep into Molly as she continued to ride on top. As Sal came, he stimulated Molly’s clit with his finger, allowing her to orgasm too. He watched her as her body tightened up, giving him the satisfaction he was craving. In conclusion, Sal made sure Molly knew that he was always there for her. Not just tonight but anytime. Molly was indeed a beautiful and horny mother looking to be fucked!

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