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Ebony Cougar Mom syndrome was a fixation young Timothy had wrestled with for a couple of years. Timothy was a scrawny wretch, to say the least. He was tall and skinny and white. Unlike many his age, Timothy had no problems with his complexion. He just had a problem with the girls he dated in the last two years who kept complaining about his dick size. They didn’t say he was small, just that he was too long and thin. It had been six days since he had left on the Caribbean cruise and about a month since he last had sex.

Tonight they were docking in Jamaica. He needed to get some action but wasn’t having much luck at nights in the dinner or the bars and parties on board. It was 9:00 pm in the evening now and he had ordered dinner in. Any minute now the attendant would probably drop in to pick up his plates. He waited another ten minutes or so and still saw no sign of her. Visions of his first masturbatory cum of the day caused a stir in his underwear that could only be satisfied by a cum tribute courtesy of one of the ship’s employees.

Ebony Cougar Mom

Black Cougar Mom

She was a heavy set, sexy ass mother who went by the name Elaine. Big breasts and a bigger ass, when she bent over to dust his small dresser that morning her panties printed through the uniform and showed up her sound ass. After waiting out of patience to see her he turned on the TV and tuned in to a MILF Porn channel. There before him, an interracial couple was getting it on in the backyard of a fucking house. She was a BBW, an ebony cougar mom at that, the white guy wasn’t more than twenty years old.

As the action intensified Timmy got to work on his dick; lacing it with lotion and running his hand up and down the shaft slowly as he built momentum. Elaine was late; the last couple gave her a raw deal as she tried to clear their inner plates and fresh up the room. She was supposed to be in room 654 at 9:00 pm, it was now 9:20 pm. Hurrying, she quickly grabs the trolley and moves to the door and knocks. She hears no answer. She remembers this guy; he was watching her ass early this morning as she dusted the dresser and cleaned out the bathroom.

His name was Timothy, and he had asked about her family making small talk while she cleaned. It didn’t matter much to her, the guest did it all the while, and she was proud of her two kids, they were both adults now and the smaller one was studying law at the University of the West Indies. Knocking a second time Elaine heard no response. Therefore, she assumed he had gone out and used her card to swipe open the room door.

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Ebony Mature Mom

As she entered the suite she turned on the light in the living area and did not see the tray. She proceeded to check the bedroom but was stopped in her tracks by the sound of loud moaning. As she peered around the door she saw him sprawled out on the bed with his cock in her hand and the porn playing. Looking at his cock caused an immediate response in her saliva glands. He was long and hard in the glow of the TV light and he was so young and virile, just what she needed.

Her black mom pussy started to cream at the very thought of him inside her. She second-guessed if she should go in or back away, but it was her last room for the night so she had time. Knocking on the door, she stepped back and listened as he fumbled around and curse a few bad words because of the intrusion.

“You are late!” He came to the door red and bothered and horny with only his boxers on.

“You should have left it in the living area, sir. I would have picked it up.”

“Then I wouldn’t see when you come, I wouldn’t hear you standing at my door listening, and I wouldn’t have your pussy wet right now and ready for me to fuck it!” Elaine stood speechless at the door embarrassed that her peeping did not go unnoticed.

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Ebony Cougar Mom

“You ever fucked a white guy before?” He started toying at her apron. “Huh, Mommy? Can imagine how fat and wet your ebony MILF pussy is under that skirt!”

“You sure you wanna take me on?” Elaine looked him square in the face.

“You love young cock?”

“Yeah, I saw you watching my ass this morning!” She steps into the room and grabs him around the neck.

“Bitch you don’t get to grab me up like that!” He tears off the apron off her and slaps her on the hips.”

“Bitch what?” Grabbing him by his slender shoulders Elaine pushes him forcefully on the bed and takes up her apron and uses it to smack him on her white flanks. “I’m old enough to be your mother, first of all, no bitch around here!” Pinning him to the bed Elaine quickly pulled off his boxers and sinks his cock into her mouth. She can taste the lotion still on it and quickly uses her spittle to wipe away the taste.

Clenching it between her teeth and tongue she feels the throbbing cock pulsate in her wet mouth as she sucks faster and harder bringing him closer to cumming. Hearing his moans intensifies Elaine moves from his cock to his balls. She then glides her wet tongue over it while using her fingers to massive the gland between the shaft and the balls. Feeling the pressure to cum decrease, Timothy muffles a question.

“What the hell did you just do?”

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“Only an ebony MILF can do that Bitch” she responds as she slips her panties to the side.  Elaine then sets her fat pussy square over his cock, sinking it deep into the warmth of her MILF pussy. Rising to meet her Timothy thrusts into her deep and bounces her fat ass along with his thighs and hip, slapping the raw flesh off this sexy ass MILF. As the stings soak into her skin Elaine grinds harder on his white cock and creams all over his cock as she cums. Hence, Timothy quickly eases her off him and funnels her face into the bedspread.

“You ever got fucked in your ass before?” He didn’t wait for a response. Quickly he pushed her panties further to the side and pushed an index finger in. As a result, Elaine sensual moans escape her lips as he rubs his cock on her wet pussy lips, teasing her clit. Finding the pleasure gland in her ass he starts to squeeze it and plunges his cock back into her pussy from behind. Quick thrusts plus the ass fingering finally sent her squirting all over the sheet and his cock.

Pulling out he begins to probe her anal hole. Tight and creamy from the last orgasm and it was obvious this wasn’t gonna be her first time. Gently at first he pushes the head into the entrance and listens to her low moans as he continues his entry. Pulling back and pushing deeper every time he exits her rump leaves her panting louder and louder.

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Halfway in she starts clutching the sheets and tearing at the spread as the breadth of his cock stretches her tight mature anal sex hole. She starts shattering around him again and soaks the bed as she squirts another time. Eager to get everything, Timothy sends the full length of his cock up his asshole and slaps her ass hard with every thrust.

“I want to ride yu raas!”

“Huh?” She interrupted him as he enjoyed the clenching of her ass around him.

“I want to ride your cock.” Pulling out he goes to lie down but she motions to the floor. She grabs her phone and looks for a Kartel song and starts playing it. The music is vaguely familiar to Timothy. It has a most noteworthy seductive whining feel to it. Once lying flat, Elaine climbs up and splits on top of him bouncing her ass over his cock as her pussy lips grip the base of the shaft.

Shocked at what he was experiencing Timothy opens his mouth wide in excitement. She was whining to the rhythm, ticking and tocking on his cock, quinting her pussy on it and then sliding her pussy up the shaft and releasing her pussy grip as she comes down. As a result, Timothy couldn’t hold his cum much longer if she continued like that.

“Come on Mommy fuck me!” Timothy slaps her brutally over and over on her ass and sends Elaine screaming as she cums again.

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“Lie on your back and gimme back that ebony pussy. Let me beat the shit out of it! Fuck bitch!” He spins her over roughly, shifting his cock to her pussy. Timothy then wraps her thighs around his hips as he thrusts deep into her. Watching her breasts bounce up and down in her blouse he quickly opens them up and pulls up her bra. Due to this, Elaine’s ample bosom is set free. In contrast, her big and round tits bounce up and down with every thrust inside her tight pussy.

He was gonna cum no shit! Trying to distract himself from her grabbed both breasts with his hands and started to squeeze her massive tits. As a result, the sensation sends her over the edge and squirting all over him. Feeling the juices gathering in his balls ready to burst he pulls out and pushes his cock in between her breasts. Consequently, Timothy starts to fuck her tits unloading all his cum on her breasts and on her chin.

“You gonna lick it off?” He asks as she inspects the load he left on her breasts and chin.”


Turning over to lie down he looks over at the woman lying beside him. “Come back tomorrow and fuck me just like you did tonight.”

“You want my black mature pussy again?”


“The first piece of pussy is free. Because the next one you gotta pay for the Ebony Cougar Mom!”

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