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When Craig stepped into the tailor’s home office shop, he was instantly embraced by the cold air seeping out of the air conditioning. It had been a long walk under the sun. He had just moved to San Francisco, and he knew no way around. So it had been one hell of a task trying to locate the nearest seamstress. Luckily some local knowledge provided the necessary information to point him in the right direction. Little did he know that his weakness for mature ebony MILF women would be both tempted and rewarded by the hottest Black MILFA he had ever encountered.

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Craig was holding a fancy bag containing a suit his girlfriend had gifted him with. But as much as he loved the gift, there was no way he could wear it with a size as big as that. It was almost twice his size and would completely swallow him up.

An ebony woman approached with a measuring tape around her neck. She was dressed in a tight-fitting dress with horizontal white and black stripes. And although the woman was old enough to be his mother, Craig couldn’t help but feast his eyes on her full breasts and how they were almost bursting out of her dress.

“Hello there,” she said. “How may I help you?”

Craig was at a loss for words. Staring at her, all he could think of was how it would feel to sneak his hands beneath her clothes and knead those breasts. When she halted in front of him, he couldn’t resist the urge to look down at her breasts. They were clearly in sight. He started to recollect all the pleasurable emotions he’d gathered from a series of mature black females porn he had watched earlier, and all he could think of was a way to reproduce those scintillating scenes with the black MILF.

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Finally regaining his voice, he cleared his throat. “I need these clothes adjusted to my size.”

He unbagged the neatly folded clothes and presented them to the woman who unfolded them and studied them for a few seconds.

She pulled the tape from around her neck. “I’ll have to take your measurements.”

“Sure,” Craig said, “go ahead.”

The woman stepped closer to him, her hand brushing against his skin as she flattened the tape to his arm. She worked with precision, muttering the length and storing it in her head before moving to the next arm. She switched to his torso, and when he felt her hand sliding down his body, he breathed deeply. His cock jerked in reaction to her touch, and when her hands encircled his waist, wrapping the tape around it, his urge to fuck her grew stronger.

The woman circled his left thigh with the tape, and then she slid it all the way up, slowly rubbing his cock with the back of her palm. Pleasure built up in his groin and zapped up his whole body as the woman kept teasing him.

He groaned. “That’s it! You better be ready for what you’re asking for, woman!”

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He hastily unfastened the buckle of his belt and yanked out his cock. For this purpose, he moved his fingers up and down his shaft as he prepared to invade the woman’s mouth.

“Open up!” He slapped her cheek with his cock. And just as her lips parted, he rammed his cock into her mouth, forcing her mouth as wide as it could.

He grabbed her hair behind her, pulling at it to dictate her pace. He groaned heavily as he watched her head bob up and down his shaft.

“Go on, bitch,” he said. “You asked for this. Therefore, suck that big white cock like you fucking mean it!” Craig loved a good blowjob and his new favorite tailor didn’t disappoint.

Truth be told, the black MILF was the perfect picture of a loyal oral sex slave. Subsequently, she was on her knees, with a nine-inch cock ramming deep into her mouth and pounding the back of her throat.

In fact, she was close to puking thanks to the spirited face fucking. Craig could see it in the way her eyes bulged and veins stretched over her forehead. Her eyes were watery now, and her breaths were quick and ragged.

With a deep breath, he let go of her hair. “Get up now and get on that table over there.”

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He tilted his head toward a table on which several fabrics lay. And while he watched her heave herself onto the table, he stroked himself, building up an orgasmic tension in his huge white cock.

“Good,” he said to her as she lay flat on her back. “Now take off those panties and spread those fucking legs.”

The ebony MILF pulled off her panties and spread her legs, bringing her pussy to full sight. She was dripping wet; plowing through her like a stud in a MILF Porn movie would be no hassle.

But Craig had other plans.

He advanced to her and grabbed her by the legs, then he dropped his face between her thick thighs, pressing his face to her moist folds. She gasped at the first touch of his tongue, and if his grip on her hadn’t been tight, she would have writhed away.

But he held her so tight, it was impossible to break free.

He stuck his tongue inside of her, reaching deep till he could go no further. He held still for a few moments, and the woman tried to steady her pounding heart. But she cried out as he started to flick his tongue around her while pumping her with two fingers.

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He nibbled her clit. She held her breath.

And then she cried out again, her voice wobbly. “Aargh! Please…I can’t…”

He sucked her clit. As a result, she arched her back in pleasure.

Likewise, her pussy clenched around his fingers. “Aargh, I can’t take this…”

Craig sucked the salt out of her MILF pussy. He added a third finger, making it even more unbearable for the black MILF.

She thrashed around, her head swaying from side to side, knocking pieces of fabrics off the table.

Then, she screamed, begging for a breather. “Please… oh fuck! Aargh! I’m about to cum. I’m about to…”

Craig flicked his tongue faster, pumped his fingers more profoundly, and then he clamped his teeth down on her swollen clit once again. She tried to squirm away from him, but he grabbed her waist, holding her in place during the climax.

She trembled hard, her pussy juices gliding all over his tongue as he continued to pleasure his black MILFA. He gulped down the juices and stepped away from her, pulling his pants back to his waist. “Please get on with the measurements finally,” he said, buckling his belt.

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