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Amateur Mom Videos save a cash-strapped family from losing their home and gives them hope for making ends meet. Life sucked. Marty and Debbie were facing foreclosure. They had no idea how they were going to pay their bills. Debbie was talking to some of her girlfriends, and they came up with an idea to some of her girlfriends, and they came up with an idea; a Roku MILF Porn channel. It would pay per view, or to put it another way, video on demand (VOD). The couple surmised they could earn money in that fashion. The couple loved to fuck frequently, so why not fuck for bucks?

Amateur Mom Videos

Amateur Mom Videos

Marty was really savvy computer-wise. Plus, he absolutely loved watching porn! He set up Debbie’s website, and they were on their way to making MILF Movies where they would specifically sell videos of horny mature women fucking. With this in mind, they planned to archive these live sessions as their sales and studio grew.

At first, they didn’t quite know what to do so the couple created a live feed of Debbie ironing. She was in an apron and nothing else. She had a fantastic body. The apron bib fell in between her breasts which stood up firm and high, and her nipples were like soft pink dots on her titties.

“You are a such MILF,” said Marty. “I am getting hard just looking at you. I wish I had money, I would pay you.”

“Yeah?” she asked casually as she pressed his shirt.

Debbie was getting horny while her husband was monitoring the live feed. She was wet ironing his shirt. Her nipples twisted up as they became erect. She held the iron a safe distance from her and pretended to mist herself.

“Oh baby,” he said.

Marty walked on camera, set the iron down and laid her on the bed. He removed the apron. Marty then stripped off his clothes and got naked with her. Marty had a full-blown rod, and he poked it into her.

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Marty fucked his wife vigorously as the cameras rolled. He knew that their theme was supposed to be focused on Debbie, but it had become something else. It didn’t hurt sales any; they went through the roof. Apparently watching amateur married couples fucking was quite the market.

He came in his wife’s twat making it very shiny and glistening as he pulled out of her hole. He jumped up and did a close up on her hot wet twat. There filling the screen was a shot of Debbie’s twitching cunt.

“Pretty, pretty,” he said.

Marty decided what he would do is some isolated shots of him fucking his wife in various holes. Likewise, he wanted to live stream of him deep penetrating her in the ass. Debbie was game. All of a sudden, she got up on all fours on the bed. Her titties dangled and waggled back and forth as she was on her hand’s knees.

He lubed her asshole and gently inched into her. She was so incredibly tight and hot and fucking her in the most forbidden spot was overwhelmingly excited. He came quickly, squirting his hot load into her butthole. She came hard herself and her body as spasming on his dick.

They pulled apart and dashed to their own bathrooms to clean up. Marty reported that they had incredible hits. Their business was going through the roof. Their act was read Their act was read hot. When she returned to the camera, she sat on the edge of the bed. She sat up straight and spread her legs.

Amateur Mom MILF Movies

MILF Movies

Debbie had such an amazing physique that every pose was artful. She looked like a professional. Debbie cupped her breasts and toyed with her nipples. She did her best and pushed the nipple to her lips.

Playing into the camera, she licked her nipple. She was so wet. She touched her twat, so she played with herself as much as possible.

“Give me a toy,” she said to her husband.

He quickly got her a toy and Debbie fucked herself with it. She laid back and drew her feet back to her buttocks. Debbie let her knees fall apart so that the camera focused on her twat. She turned on the vibrator, full blast and touched her clit with it.

In seconds her channel was pulsing for all the world to see. She loved the feeling of cumming. The rush of it pushed through her bathing the top of her head and out her fingers and toe. It was lovely.

She rolled over on her tummy and stood on the floor, resting her torso on the bed. Her butt was firm and round and if she stood on her tip toes, the muscles of ass flexed. In brief, she knew it looked fine.

Debbie decided she would shake it. She twerked, shaking the flesh of her backside hard.

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videos of horny mature women fucking

“Do you like making MILF movies?” he asked.

“Yes,” she answered.

She was overcome with arousal like she was doped. She could hardly think or move or speak clearly.

“I especially like showing off my pussy,” she admitted.

She spontaneously spread her ass cheeks and showed off her asshole.

“You’re showing off your butt, do you need something again?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she said with a lisp.

Marty sat on the bed and laid her across his lap. He had a brush in his hand, and he decided he would spank her. Marty didn’t beat her hard. It didn’t take much for her to have a red spot. He paddled her with a brush making her firm flesh quake.

Debbie squealed, giggled and kicked slightly. Marty pretended to be firm. Specifically, he rolled up his sleeve like he was going to punish her really hard.

“Sit still,” he ordered her.

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She was still, a little tense pretty much knowing he was going to paddle her. He rubbed her all over and then she took her punishment. Afterward when he rubbed her down with lotion. Her butt was splotched with redness and then lovely and soft with cream.

Marty and Debbie took a break and decided to review what kind of response they got to the live streaming that they had just performed on. They were very excited because it appeared that they were going be able to make their mortgage payment. It was spectacular, and it inspired them to do more.

Marty decided to reward Debbie with all her hard work and appeal generously and sticking his dick in her tight wet cunt. He gripped her firm curvy hips and pulled her down firmly, so she was completely impaled. Marty could feel her cervix with the tip of his cock. He didn’t let her up. Marty tugged on her so that she pulsed in short, short thrusts on his cock.

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It felt so good deep within her. His head was so deep inside of her, bothering her in the middle of her belly. She squirmed on his cock, wriggling, and writhing until she was cumming again. Her cunt canal rippled on his shaft while her spine melted with pleasured helplessness.

Debbie’s cunt gushed with wetness. She just flowed until she was slick. Marty’s cock nearly slipped out of her for this reason. Her squirted into her. She was bathed with hot molten cum. It was wet for a moment, and it started to become sticky. At this instant, Debbie spread her legs and caught a whiff of fresh creampie.

Finally, after they were happy with their haul and their fucking had satisfied themselves, they bathed. They soaked in their tub. He washed her twat so that his seed was off of her. When they stepped out of the bathtub. Marty powdered Debbie, and then they both went to bed. Prior to giving each other a goodnight kiss they nearly simultaneously stated, “This Roku Amateur Mom Videos Channel thing just might work!”

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