Alexis Fawks Top 10 Full Movies You Can Watch Right Now

MILF Pornstar Alexis Fawx

It takes a lot of hard work to reach the head-turning popularity like Alexis Fawks, but she’s been through it all, lesbian MILF porn, threesomes, kinky massages, hardcore pounding, you name it. She won our hearts over with all those hot scenes where she taught young kittens how to properly juice out a cock, and it’s one of the things she’ll be remembered by the most.

You’re probably wondering where to watch all the full-length movies, and we’re here not only to give you that info but to guide you through some of the best ones Alexis Fawks is featured in. Let’s not keep you waiting, here is our top 10 list, with diverse scenes which will, no doubt, please anyone’s porn palette.

MILF Pornstar Alexis Fawks

MILF Fidelity

Care to find out what happens when Alexis gets horny during a casual car ride? She takes that gear shifter knob and helps out the driver by lubing it up, with her lusty mouth of course. It’s going to be a fun ride back home, where she plans on getting drilled hard, you can imagine how hard her pussy is throbbing to be dicked.

Actually, you don’t have to because she’ll get bent over and pounded vigorously, just how she likes it. Throw in some light choking for the roughness, booty spanks to make it fun, and she’ll be having the time of her life taking that big dick.

Sharing Stepdaughter’s Boyfriend

Maybe it’s a cliché, but if you were this lucky guy, and your hot girlfriend’s even hotter stepmom offered to teach you two how to perform oral, would you even flinch? You can bet that Alexis’ bald pussy would get munched on in an instant, all while she’s holding your hair and guiding you on how to do it.

And that’s exactly what happens here, at least for some time before the hunk in question gets his dick sucked like he’s got a couple of vampires attached to it. And then comes the best part, he lets the girls do all the hard work by riding his dick, certainly a scene you don’t want to miss by any chance.

Happy Ending Lesbian Massage

There’s hardly anything on this world hotter than a lesbian massage, it’s full of erotic moments that make your heart skip a beat. Alexis certainly knows her way around a woman’s body, and as a masseuse, she’d never miss a chance to treat herself to some tasty pussy. All it takes is for her sneaky hands to slide deeper inside the thigh of a woman she’s massaging, and it’s a done deal.

Moments later she’s using both of her hands to rub that sensitive clit and finger the soaking wet pussy at the same time. Of course, no lesbian scene is complete with some body-twisting oral performance, and these girls trade the licks until they’re orgasming hard.

My Stepmom Is A Stripper

Some guys wouldn’t take the fact that their stepmom is a stripper lightly, but after catching Alexis in arousing lingerie, shaking her plump booty in front of a mirror, this guy had a different idea. He would rather treat himself to a lap dance, which inevitably leads to getting his cock rock hard.

She can’t help but notice it and decides to treat her horny stepson to a blowjob, his cock is too big and hard to pass on. Once she’s bent over, wearing nothing but crotchless fishnets, Alexis takes a deep doggystyle drilling, and the scene only gets hotter once the young stud rips them open and keeps on pounding her.

Alexis Fawks Is A Mean Bitch

It’s not so often that we get to witness her in this edition, but Alexis sure knows how to get all bossy and dominant. If you’re a fan of femdom fetish then this one will be a proper treat. She’s got a male slave on the floor, spanking his pale ass and forcing him to please her in submissive ways.

His cock got teased a bit with feet, just so it would get rock hard, so she can let him down and get pleasured herself. While he’s denied, she’s getting those juicy tits motorboated, her plump ass eaten out, and then sat on his face. If he does a good job, she just may jerk him off as a “thank you”.

Cheer Squad Sleepovers

As a MILF, Alexis sure does embrace her role of a lusty stepmom more than anything, and it’s especially hot with interesting storylines. In this one, she’s just a regular mom, and her daughter is having a sleepover with a girlfriend from the cheerleader squad, who ends up being the one to seduce our oh-so-hot Alexis.

It’s a story of a young horny girl pairing with an experienced mommy, and it works like a charm. They play with each other’s tits, lick those tasty slits, moaning loud enough for everyone in the neighborhood to hear, and they don’t care. It all culminates when they scissor, it gets hot and heavy, with a bit of domination included.

Unfaithful Housewife

You know how bombshell housewives get when they’re neglected, they need to feel 18 again, and a black cock does exactly that. It’s no wonder sexy Alexis Fawks does that very thing, in her bedroom, with a young, able black stud who first and foremost puts her needs before his own.

He slides her panties down and slides his head between her tender thighs. There he dives deep and sticks his tongue in this super hot MILF’s tight slit. She makes sure to blow his chocolate rod, moments before she’s impaled on it, and gets fucked as hard as she’s been dreaming.

Costumed Up For A Threesome

Maybe it’s because of Halloween, or maybe she just loves dressing up in slutty uniforms, but Alexis loves teasing men. This time, however, she wants to feel the blessing of having two restless cocks taking turns on her pussy until she drops from exhaustion.

The two studs she has enchanted are plugging both her ends with their massive cocks, one spreading her tight pussy, while the other gives her jaw a stress test. Don’t worry, she can handle it, and not only that, but she screams out for more until they both facialize her.

Stuck Stepmom Gets Dicked

Do you all know that scene with a curvy MILF stuck under the glass top table? That’s Alexis Fawks, probably her most iconic scene, and the one that’s incredibly kinky. Her stepson wasn’t so keen on helping her, she was never that kind to him, so he used this situation to treat himself to some pussy.

Instead of pulling her out, he slams his face in her booty and licks her slit and ass like he’s having a feast. She’s surprised, but once she feels a hard young dick sliding inside her, Alexis goes with it and enjoys every second of their sex. It doesn’t end there though, they give it another go in the laundry room, and it’s every bit as erotic.

Stepmom Bound And Strap-on Fucked

Petite Elsa Jean might be a good stepdaughter, but once she overhears Alexis making plans to cheat, it’s game on. Alexis is already bound, on the bed, nude, and expecting her lover. Instead in comes Elsa, with a whip to treat that cheating booty to some strikes, and then lick her bunghole.

She’s armed with a strap-on, ready to pound her cheating stepmom once she’s done sucking it like the slut she is. Despite being bigger than Elsa, Alexis Fawks gets all submissive, even being choked at one point while getting a stiff rubber cock inside her slit, and that’s just a fraction of this full-length kinky video.

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